Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hello Mr. Lincoln....

Without much fanfare we departed the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds around 10:12 am heading south on I-29.  There was not a breath of wind in the air...such a nice change! Our destination for first Saturday was Lincoln, NE....about 228 miles away.  We were last in Lincoln, NE back in May of 2012....in fact almost exactly 24 months ago to the day.  I remember sitting in the bar at Granite City Brewery watching the Kentucky Derby back then, and this year's running of the Derby was just a few days ago!

The drive south on I-29 was new territory for us all the way to Omaha where we exited the Interstate for about 30 minutes to fuel up......yep, time to pay the rent one more time.  I had found a Sinclair just a couple blocks off the Interstate with diesel for $3.69....it was an easy in and out station with not much traffic mid afternoon.  There were still 60 gallons of diesel left, but this will be the best price we see until Wyoming, which is beyond the range of our remaining fuel, so we took on 120 gallons at a cost of just under $450.  This tank will get us to Salt Lake City this Friday, but we will more than likely have add fuel for the final 600 miles into South Lake Tahoe as it is just over 1,400 miles and our range is about 1,200 miles.

By the time we merged on to I-80 west bound the forecast winds out of the east had made their presence known, but now they were pushing us westward, which is a good thing.  It appears the forecast for 2nd Saturday (Tuesday) will be more of the same....suhweet!

 Our travel day was completely uneventful, and went pretty much according to our plan.  At our first Rest Area we took a mile walk by circling the Rest Area 4 times....was nice to walk with no wind.  At our second rest stop we had lunch, and our third was the fuel stop.

We arrived at a Walmart on the outskirts of Lincoln around 4 pm, found a quiet corner of the parking lot to rest for the night, and headed in to do some shopping as we always do.......we needed some chips, salsa and Margarita's for our Newell Cinco de Mayo celebration....as well as a few other minor items (D cell batteries, a water filter for the coach, and more Kleenex.....I have depleted our supply in just 6 days....:D).  This Walmart is 5 miles off the Interstate.....we don't normally venture that far off the Interstate when we are moving every day, but the Walmart that is close to the Interstate does not allow overnight parking, so there you go.

I watched some NBA playoff basketball and saw the L.A. Clippers dismantle the OKC Thunder by 17 points....it was not even that close.  Did I see that coming?  Nope.

TLE and I have been looking forward for some months now to the return of "24", and Monday night was the two hour premier, which we thoroughly enjoyed.....everybody needs a Jack Bauer, right?  We were so "wired" after watching "24" that we stayed up to watch "Castle" not getting to bed until after 1 am.....very unusual for us.

The night was peaceful.....no disturbances, and we have awoken to another beautiful day....there are no heaters humming in the background....we are back in "shorts and t-shirts" weather.....YAY!

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