Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mr. Jello takes a bow....

As planned we put North Platte in our rear view mirrors around 7:10 am Wednesday morning heading due west on Interstate 80 toward our destination of the day.....Cheyenne, WY.  As related yesterday, rain was forecast for Cheyenne and points west early afternoon so we wanted to be there before Noon.  Initially the drive was a mirror of Tuesday......a wind out of the east pushing us westward.  That held until we passed the intersection of I-80 and I-76.....then we began to gain elevation and the wind began to shift to the point where it was coming out of the northeast, and eventually, out of due north.  Cheyenne rests at approximately 6,000' elevation and North Platte at 2,800', so we were expecting to gain over 3,000' for the day....we weren't expecting the wind shift, but nothing lasts forever, especially a wind out of the east when the prevailing winds are typically out of the west.

We took a break at a Rest Area around 60 miles into the day, and then a final break at the Pine Bluff Rest Area just at the Wyoming border about 110 miles later.....I think I over estimated the size of my is definitely not 110 miles big....:D  Pine Bluff is also one of our favorite Rest Areas.....the last time we stopped here was in May of 2012......they have about 5 miles of hiking trails here, which we hoped to utilize, but it was beginning to sprinkle just as we arrived.

From Pine Bluff it was only 36 more miles into Cheyenne, and we covered that distance by 11:20 am....and it was a good thing because a heavy fog was settling in over the Interstate the last 10 miles!  We have stayed at the Sierra Trading Post parking lot before, and that is where we headed.   Sierra Trading post is primarily an online store which specializes in outdoor clothing.....I have been using their online store for years.  Cheyenne is the site of their large fulfillment center, and retail outlet between those two structures is ample RV and customer parking.

TLE made "breakfast for lunch" while I returned the phone call of my good friend Tom McCloud....he had called while we were on the road, and I really avoid talking on my cell phone while I'm driving the coach.....I am a "one trick pony" and do not multi-task well at all.  It looks like they are ready to finally move all their furniture over from Mesa, AZ to their Wittmann home.

Internet photo.....there was NO blue sky Wednesday

Eventually we ventured inside to find out what bargains we could find this day.....usually we strike out here, but Wednesday I found a pair of Columbia convertible pants for $14....normally they go for $45.  I also found a new pair of slippers for $14......normally $60.  TLE found another pair of shorts for $14.  There is a coffee bar in the store, so once we had secured our newly found treasures we got some coffee and sat down to enjoy it.  I started perusing the weather forecast on my phone and saw that not only was it going to dip below 30 degrees sometime Thursday morning, snow was forecast in the early morning hours.  That was Mr. Jello just letting us know he is still around.  

After much discussion we decided to move a few miles over to Terry Bison RV Park where we could plug in for the night.  This is a Passport America park that normally charges $44......we got a site for $22.  Just as I finished plugging in the skies began to deliver the forecast precipitation.  Along with the rain came wind, lightning and thunder.  

Along about 6 pm TLE finished her preparation of this amazing beans, roasted vegetables, and roasted chicken.

We watched a couple of recorded shows left over from Tuesday night (NCIS L.A., and Person of Interest) and then watched Revolution and CSI.  All the while we are being buffeted by wind and lashed with rain as the storm raged on outside.

I woke up Thursday morning to see some snow on RV's and cars in the RV park, but none was sticking to the ground.....and on top of that there is a little bit of sun breaking through the clouds.

We'll hang out until about 10 am and then we are on our way westward to Rock Springs.....the forecast shows rain all the way to Rock Springs, but much warmer temps at our destination.

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