Friday, May 16, 2014

"People from here"

Once again clear blue skies, no wind and balmy temperatures greeted us Thursday morning as we prepared to drive 58 "grueling" miles south from Fernley to Washoe Lake State Park.  By the way, Washoe is/was the name of a tribe of Great Basin Indians who lived in the Tahoe area on the border of what is now California and Nevada.  The title of today's blog is the definition of their tribal name.

We were on our way a little after 9 am and heading south on US 50 to Carson City.  Our total driving distance of 58 miles is one of our shorter days in a few weeks.  The highway is mostly divided the last 30 miles and the closer we got to Carson City the more congested the highway became.....naturally.  This was not our first time taking this approach to Carson City on US was just 6 months ago, almost to the day, we we rolled into this town in the dark after a long driving day from Ely, NV.  That stretch of night driving reconfirmed to me why I don't like driving the coach at night, and is the last time we have done any night driving.  Driving 62' of steel on narrow city streets at night in an unfamiliar area is very disconcerting for me.  I have no problem driving a regular car at night, even in an unfamiliar area, but let's face it, even in a car it can be difficult navigating in an unfamiliar area at night.....that is just magnified 10 fold in the coach.

We arrived at Washoe Lake State Park a little after 11 am, and found the perfect spot for our coach after driving around both loops of the campground.  There are no reservations here, so it is first come, first serve.  Of course it is still the "off season" here and the campground is only about 1/3 full making it pretty easy to get a good spot.

After setting up our campsite, paying our camping fees, and taking a few minutes to clean the solar panels we spent the rest of the afternoon sitting outside reading, enjoying the gentle breezes and balmy temperatures.  Even though the high was forecast to be 87, it felt more like 77.  We have a nice view of Washoe Lake and the mountains surrounding the Tahoe Basin, and we are now just 20+ miles from our summer destination!

We'll hang out here for a couple of days taking care of some errands......there is a Trader Joe's just a few miles away, as well as other services we need, so Friday will be a shopping day to stock up on things we love from Trader Joe's, do a little "junking" perhaps, and then Saturday morning we will head into the Tahoe Basin for a few months.

The batteries seem to be doing just fine....after 3 hours of TV watching they had only gone down 5%, which is normal.  Hoping there is no long term damage, and this two day dry camping stint should give us some of the answers for which we are looking about the status of our house batteries.

Life is good.....thanks for stopping by!

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