Sunday, May 11, 2014

Of Mom's, Lovers, and Friends

Unless you are currently a castaway on a desert island with no communication this weekend, there is no way you can not be aware that this is the weekend that America celebrates the value of Mothers.  The Lovely Elaine, my wife of 42+ years, and best friend of 46 years, has raised 5 of the most amazing children.  She has made my life, and the lives of our children worth living.  Thank you sweetheart for sharing this amazing adventure we call life.

At Padre Island in the first month of our new nomadic life

At the "Goonies" house in Astoria, OR 7 months into our journey

On our 41st wedding anniversary in Twin Falls, ID

At Arches NP a few weeks ago.....

Without you, TLE, this nomadic life would not be the same.....I cannot imagine doing this without you.....I cannot imagine not waking up to your beautiful smile every day.  Thank you for making my life worth living.  I wish your mother was here with us today so I could thank her again for raising such an amazing woman, partner, friend and lover.

Now on to Saturday's happenings.......while Saturday gave us partly cloudy skies, and very little wind, it barely got over 50 degrees for the day.  I stayed inside most of the day resting up from our 5 day cross country jaunt.....those last two days kind of wore me down!  I watched some is great to watch when you are dozing off can nap for 30, or 40 minutes and not miss!

Around Noon time I decided I should empty our black and gray tanks.......while neither is at capacity they will be by the time we get to a place where we can dump again, so I got out my portable macerator pump and went to work.  Within an hour both tanks had been dumped, and flushed, and then it was time to watch more gold, and take a nap!

Around 5 we went inside my brother's home for a wonderful taco dinner accompanied by great guacamole dip, chips and margaritas.  Around 7:30 we headed off to their son, Arthur's National Clogging Championships up in Bountiful, UT.  Another weather front was coming in, and it had started raining as we drove north about 25 miles, but by the time we arrived at the competition venue the rain had stopped.  Arthur made the final six in the Freestyle category.  

Left to right: Moi, TLE, Arthur, Lori and my brother Dwyer

Around 11 pm they had not yet announced the winners of the Freestyle, and it did not look like they would get to that before midnight, so we bid adieu to Arthur and headed home.  I will have to find out this morning how it came out.

It rained most of the night, and finally stopped with in the last hour.......the good news is that as of Monday we will have a warming trend across the west with mostly clear blue skies as we head into the Tahoe Basin later this week.


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