Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I know I'm supposed to be writing about Monday, but I just thought you might enjoy this morning's view our window....this is what I saw when I pulled back the curtains this morning.  And this is why I love my life........I would never be raking snow off my patio awning on May 20th in Ontario, California.....NEVER.  What is exhilarating about this sudden snow fall is that all evidence of it will be gone within hours.....the sun has come out, and the snow is melting quickly......the snow has now turned to rain.

Monday we ran a few errands in the morning which included the purchase of a plastic leaf rake to use to rake up pine needles around our patio area so we won't track so many inside.......never imagined I would be using it less than 24 hours later to rake snow off of our patio awning.  

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing to more cleaning in the trailer.....there are a number of items in the wall cabinets that have not seen the light of day for a year, or more.  I found a number things that we no longer need, and probably reduced the volume of stuff by 30%.  I also spent some time working on the Coleman propane stove I bought in Sioux Falls....one of the burners was not working properly, but after taking it apart and cleaning it thoroughly it now works quite well....still a great deal for $4!   I also set up my trusty Black & Decker Workmate bench that I have had since the early 1980's, and got out the rest of my tools so I am now officially ready to take on all comers!  Additionally, I got out the wheel covers for the coach and installed them, as well as the mirror and wiper blade covers.

TLE and  also stacked the wood we got......oh I forgot to mention that we are splitting a 1/2 cord of wood with our friends Bill and Debby.....

The first 1/4 cord being dumped at Bill and Debby's site

.......the load is about 80% walnut, and the rest pine, so we are set for the summer!

There were more street tacos for dinner, and we closed out the evening watching the season finale for "Bones", and the next episode for "24".  A final bit of good news on the "weight maintenance" front.....I am holding steady at 191 pounds.....still down 20 pounds from last November!  Now to begin working on the next 10 pounds!

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