Friday, May 9, 2014

Ooops......Part 1


After a few years of "doing this" you would think I would have everything "down pat"....apparently I don't......more on that a little later.

We departed Cheyenne around 9:30 am Thursday morning after a very cold night that saw some snow sticking to vehicles, but not the ground.

There was some fog early on, but by the time we hit I-80 it was gone, although the iron clad skies threatened rain and/or snow at any time.  We took time to put in $200 of diesel to top off the only gets more expensive as we head westward.

The first 50 miles saw us gain elevation steadily from 6,000' in Cheyenne to over 8,640' as we crossed over the highest point of the Continental Divide on I-80.  As it turned out we would cross the Continental Divide two more times Thursday, but at lower elevations each time.

Thursday was a 267 mile of our longer ones in a while, so we took breaks multiple times at Rest Areas, and one time in the parking lot of Tractor Supply in Rawlins, WY.  We battled a head wind most of the day, and for a 100 mile stretch we had snow flurries, and for about 20 miles very heavy snow.  The good news is that it was not sticking to anything, except to our windshield.

We arrived in Rock Springs at the Super Walmart around 4 pm ready to be done with the driving part of the day.  Once we had the coach parked and leveled we did a little shopping, and then walked across the street to Starbucks for some coffee, and a little decompression time.  Driving into a head wind, or with a wind coming from either side wears me down quickly.

Once back at the coach I made sure to unplug the charger/converter and take the fridge off "auto" so it wouldn't switch to electricity when I turned on the inverter.....I needed to dial in the satellite dish for the upcoming NBA playoff games,and I need alternating current for that task.  If I leave the charger/converter plugged in it will take the 110 AC coming out the inverter and try to charge the batteries from which the 12 volt is being fed into the essence I am charging the batteries with the power from the batteries if I do not unplug the charger/converter.  

We watched some basketball, Hell's Kitchen, and Elementary before heading off to bed around midnight blissfully unaware that I had forgotten to do something very important that morning.....what I forgot, and where the "ooops" comes in, is I forgot to turn off the water bay electric heater before we left Terry Bison RV Park that morning.  Stay tuned for Friday's blog to find out the consequences of my mistake.

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