Saturday, October 24, 2015

A day in the life

We see my mother, my sister and her family usually once a year when we pass through Spokane in the Newell.....last year we did not bring the Newell this far north, so we drove the VW up from Cape Blanco for our annual visit.  Usually when we are in town we spend most of our waking hours talking and catching up with everyone, and that is a good thing.  Sure, we do keep up through the various social media outlets, through phone calls, and even via Skype when we are far away, but there is nothing like sitting down, in person, and talking to someone face to face.  That is what I enjoy about our times with family......talking face to and getting hugs.....looking into each other's eyes.  Because we spend most of the year far removed every minute is precious, and by the end of our time TLE and I are feeling a little drained emotionally, but in a good way.  That feeling is just a bi-product of our nomadic life style.  Our wanderings keep us geographically far away from our loved ones for extended periods of time, so when we are with them we expend a lot of time being emotionally, and physically available.  When that time is done, and we continue our wanderings we go through a period of recharging......of necessity. 

I love the ambiance of Rockwood Bakery

I say that to say this......I have so enjoyed my time this year talking with my my sister Hilary, and my mother Virginia.  Friday I picked my mother up at her apartment and drove over to Rockwood Bakery on 18th Street near Manito Park.  It is one of my favorite places in Spokane to have a cup of coffee and a sandwich.  We sat there for close to 3 hours slowly eating our sandwiches, sipping our coffee, talking non-stop, and just enjoying being with each other.

I came across this picture this morning from Xmas, 2003 showing 5 generations of Hockwald's......left to right: Elijah (my grandson), Katie (my daughter), moi, Grandma Cornelia (my mother's mother) and my mother, Virginia

The bottom line for me is I am resolved from this point forward to cherish these times together, and to be better about keeping in contact with not just my mother, but my entire family.  None of us knows when our proverbial number is "up"......the time we have today is precious....use it is not an infinite resource.  With each passing day it becomes more finite, and I am becoming more acutely aware of how fleeting it really is.

I was back to my sister Hilary's home by 1500 hours......just in time to take my weekly phone call with my sister Jill who lives near Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It has only been a few months since I saw her in Pasadena at our college reunion, but it seems too long.  She usually calls me when she is out taking a walk......I so admire the fact that she can walk and talk at the same time with no adverse results.....I can't do that.....I'm sure I would trip over something in the trail, or walk into a tree.  

My sister Jill

I finished off my day talking with my 'little' sister Hilary......I am so impressed with her wisdom.....when did she stop being 19?

With my sister Hilary and Jill at Sharon's wedding in January

Well, that my friends was another day in the life of a happy guy whose cup is running over with family, contentment, and happiness......

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  1. So true about not knowing when your "number is up." Celebrated my Dad's 82nd birthday yesterday here at our house with the family and we so enjoyed spending time together!