Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lopez Interlude

Wednesday began just as Tuesday had ended with rain most of the day, and more never ending discussions about 'cabbages and kings', as my father used to say.  Sometimes there is just this amazing connection between people, and our visit to Gary and Karen's home on Lopez Island was just simply that.....amazing.

We spent most of the morning talking not just about our shared 'history', but everything under the sun.....Gary is a 'ghost writer' for a national financial publication, hosts a local jazz radio show at Lopez Island's sole radio station (KLOI, 102.9) two days a week , he is a musician (sax and clarinet) and loves sports.......he is a baseball statistical savant.  When it comes to history (sports, or otherwise) he can rattle off names, dates and places as if he were plugged into the internet.  Karen is a long time quilter and is a past president of the Quilters Hall of Fame, and is also nationally recognized as a 'quilt historian', and writes articles on a regular basis for four various quilt blogs and an occasional magazine article.  She has an extensive quilt collection.....there is a separate building on their property that houses her collection affectionately referred to as the 'Quilt Cabin'....these (pictures below taken inside the 'quilt cabin') are some of the many quilts she owns....

 TLE and Karen checking out Karen's quilt collection

Suddenly it was 1230 and the morning hours had just melted away.....around 1300 we got in their mini van and took a brief tour of Lopez Island, then headed to what passes for their 'downtown' area to have a late lunch at a new restaurant called 'Haven' to continue our conversation and enjoy some wonderfully prepared and presented food which Gary and I chased with a pint of Black Raven Trickster IPA (Black Raven Brewing) comes in at 6.9 ABV, and is one the best IPA's I have had.

We were home by 1600 at which time I took a much needed nap, then reconvened in their living room to watch the one game playoff between the Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates, which was won by the Cubs 4-0 (complete game shutout pitched by Jake Arrieta, 4 hits allowed, 11 K's)....I watched baseball while Karen and TLE sustained the never ending conversation.  Gary excused himself for a few hours to attend a weekly Bridge game, but was home before 2200 and the conversation continued on until well after 2300......

Karen and Gary on the right.....

Our time on Lopez just flew by, and we are so very happy we decided to take them up on their offer last February to visit when we came through the area again.......thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a GREAT visit! Thank you Elaine and Clark. We had so much fun talking with you two. After all, we had a lot to catch up in one another's lives….40+ years worth! But still, can hardly believe how non-stop we talked the whole two days!!!