Sunday, October 25, 2015

US 'Mother Road'

I spent the better portion of Saturday afternoon online checking out possible boondock sites along our route south which will mostly find us somewhere along US 395 over the next month.  Route 66 is commonly referred to as the 'Mother Road', and for good reason, but in my heart US 395 will always be my 'Mother Road'.  This is a grand north/south highway that ends at the Canadian border in northern Washington, and in the south where it peters away into a tangle of Southern California Interstates....Interstate 15 south of Victorville now follows much of what used to be US 395.  It traverses three of my favorite western states.....Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California.

(Borrowed from this Wikepedia link)

I love knowing that over the next four weeks and 1600+ miles we will never be far from US 395, and will not exit it for good until we hit Interstate 15 in Hesperia, CA.  It runs along the dry side of the Cascades and Sierra Nevadas and provides access to some of the most amazing topography, long views and endless boondocking possibilities.  Although we have been up and down this highway from my home which is just 45 miles south of it's southern terminus as far north as Susanville, CA (just north of Reno, NV) I have never driven the section from the Kennewick, WA area south to Susanville, CA in the Newell.   Added to that is considering how many thousands of miles we have driven on US 395 over the 6+ decades of my life, we have rarely boondocked for more than an overnighter here, and there in all these years.  This time, however, with the help of others who have gone before us we will spend a few weeks doing just that.

Taken from Conway Summit the highest point along the entire length of US 395

......all this and more awaits us when we pull anchor in a few days and begin our homeward trek south for the holidays.......and warmer weather!

But for today, Sunday, NFL football is calling me away from my computer......Saturday was a good day for dinning out with family (Picabu Bistro and their famous Fire Pasta and Angry Prawns), and college football, too.....there was another amazing game ending play between Florida and Georgia, and my USC Trojans put a little 'whoopass' on the Utah State is good!

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  1. Our fav road! We've boondocked up and down there for years, so if you need some tips just ping me.

  2. I've been reading through your blog the last couple of days about some of the places you've boondocked at along 395, and will be asking some questions soon.