Thursday, October 22, 2015

Courtesy parking.....

Wednesday was moving day for us.....just a shortish move from Cheney over to my sister's home in Spokane.  We have been to my sister's home two times previously, once with the trailer, but every time I drive down that narrow, one lane street to her home I get this slightly claustrophobic feeling.  There is no way to turn around on her street with the trailer as it is a 'DEAD END' street.  Our coach barely fits in their driveway just out of the way of the three car garage.  We have to use her late model Range Rover to turn the trailer around after we drop it so when we leave we can hook up and go.  And, one would think, based on the proximity of the house to our satellite dish that getting satellite TV would be impossible, but it is not......we are able to get a 95% signal.

The trailer is turned around, and ready for our departure in a week

We left Cheney around Noon time and drove the 18 miles over to my sister's home and by 1330 we were set up and relaxing......this is one of the many locations around the country that we have a 30 amp receptacle installed.  We'll be here at my sister's home until the 27th, or 28th when we begin our southward trek to SoCal.  The overnight lows are getting into the mid 30's here, the trees are in full Fall color, and are shedding their leaves at a remarkable rate, so, no doubt, it is time to begin our migration to warmer climes. 

And speaking of our southward trek, we will be mostly following US HWY 395 south from Walla Walla, WA, and would love any boondocking/dry camping suggestions southward along that route. By boondocking/dry camping I mean places other than big box store type parking......those are plentiful, and easy to find.  We are looking for more remote/rural places maybe a few miles, or less off the main highway where we can spend 1-7 days at a time.

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