Monday, October 26, 2015

Let's play 9

The last time I played a round of golf (9, or 18 holes) was with my brother-in-law (Bob) probably at least 2 years ago.....then I used an extra set of clubs he keeps on hand for just such a situation.  I used to play a lot of golf when I was younger, and was pretty consistent. Then youth soccer, and mountain biking came into my life and for the next 25 years that is what dominated my weekends.  Eventually I sold my set of clubs and just figured when I retired I might take it up again. Fast forward to the spring of 2014......I bought some used golf clubs at Goodwill in Carson City with the intent of beginning to play again.  However the most I managed that summer was to hit a bucket of balls at a local golf course, and do a little putting.  This past summer I intended to play some golf, but then nearly cut off the end of my left middle finger, and spent the rest of the summer recovering from that injury (read about the finger episode and subsequent recovery here).  So, my golf clubs have been occupying space in my trailer, but have not even seen the light of day since August of 2014.

Bob was out of town when we first arrived at their home, but the day after he returned he asked, as he always does, if I wanted to play a round of golf, to which I replied, without hesitation, "YES!".  We set the date for Sunday afternoon as it was forecast to rain on Monday, and since I haven't played in a long, long time I suggested we just play 9 holes, and Bob agreed.

I spent the morning watching football, and then around 1130 I drove down to the Supercuts on 29th Street and got my ears lowered.  Around 1345 Bob and I headed over to Manito Golf Club.  According to Bob they have usually had a couple of snow falls by this point in October, so every day without snow is one more opportunity to hit the links.  I always play the first 2, or 3 holes pretty well, but then the bad habits begin to return and I find myself scrambling all over the course.  However, there were some bright putting was great....I had mostly 1 and 2 putt greens, and my short game, including sand shots, was great.  I just need to work on swinging those 'woods' consistently, and work on my long irons.

Sunday is the last day for a while that temps will get into the 60's, and it is good we will begin to migrate south as the 10 day forecast looks foreboding along our entire route down US 395.

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