Friday, October 23, 2015

Small projects, and other stuff

By the time we went to bed Wednesday evening I was very, very tired......we are both still getting over the 5 day whirlwind tour of SoCal for our daughter's wedding.  We've been kind of forced to re-acknowledge that we are, indeed, 66 years old.  I slept like the dead for 8 hours, went to the bathroom, and then went back to sleep for another 2 hours, before being awakened by the light of the morning sun penetrating the blackout curtains in our room....yep, that's right, when we are my sister's home we actually move out of the Newell into a suite in her basement.....basement may be misleading.......while we are in the technically in the basement portion of the home it is not your typical basement......we have a wonderful patio, and a wall lined with windows giving us a nice view outside.....

....normally we just continue living inside the Newell no matter where we are, but the logistical difficulties of dumping our tanks here make it an easy choice to just move inside for the duration of our stay.  We dumped our tanks the day we arrived at the RV park in Cheney, but even though we were only there parts of 3 days we made no effort to conserve, and as a result the gray tank is already half full, and we are here at my sister's home for almost a week.  
I had two minor projects I needed to attend to Thursday.......affix the renewal license tag to the rear license plate of the Newell, and install the newly acquired replacement Sirrius/XM radio in the VW.  The unit I had in the VW is over 10 years old and the 6 volt jack had begun to fail causing the radio to turn off frequently due to a less than adequate connection.  The tag installation went pretty smoothly, but the installation of the new receiver took way longer than I expected involving two phone calls to the very helpful folks at Sirrius/XM radio for assistance.  I kept glancing at my watch as I had arranged to go over and visit my mother at Noon time....I finally finished the installation at 1145......that's cutting it close!

I had a wonderful visit with my mother, and we talked and talked for over 2 hours.....she, at 86, still does not look her age, although it is obvious that she is becoming a little more limited in what she can do physically.......she is still as 'sharp as a tack', as my father used to say, meaning her mental acuity is as sharp as ever.  If I happen to make it to my 86th birthday I can only hope I am in as good a shape as she is.

After returning 'home' around 1500 hours I was feeling tired and lay down to take a short nap.....TLE had to wake me up two hours later as I was in a deep sleep, and she was concerned I would 'nap' too long making it difficult for me to go to bed that night......just for a few seconds I thought it was the next morning, and was a little disoriented.  As I said, we are still recovering from our trip south.

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