Saturday, October 10, 2015

Relax, she said....

A great place to hang for 5 days

Since we left Cape Blanco on September 30th we have been changing our view on a regular basis.....sometimes that kind of wears us both down, so when Friday rolled around I was ready to take it easy.  I've gotten pretty good over the past 4 years at not having to be busy accomplishing something every single day......some days it is okay to just sit and relax, so that is what I did.  There were 4 baseball playoff games on TV Friday and I watched parts of all four in between much deserved naps.  My Dodgers joined the list of all the home teams so far in this year's playoffs.....they lost their home game much for home field advantage!

Where we are until Sunday is one of our favorite places to revisit over and over......we have been here virtually every year to visit our friends Bob and Karen since the early 2000's.  They have several acres of land here overlooking Penn Cove, and Bob has a lot of cool 'guy stuff' including a John Deere front loader/backhoe tractor that he attempted to teach me how to operate many years ago.  TLE memorialized that attempt in a short actually got over 15,000 views on YouTube.

Circa 2007

We had originally planned to leave Coupeville Saturday but a big storm with wind is due in Saturday, and I really prefer not to drive our behemoth in the rain and wind, so with the Sunday forecast showing sunny, non-windy skies we opted to remain until then.

Sorry I'm so shallow today.....not much to report....sometimes that is just life.......

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