Saturday, October 3, 2015


We were both up just after 0600 as we wanted to get our bill paid for the solar panel installation, and then get moved over to the River Valley Center by 1000......I know, 4 hours, right?  Well, we're older and slower than we used to takes us a while to get a little momentum built up.  I went into the AM Solar office around 0845 to settle up, and found that our final bill came out to $1,991......about $400 less than the original!  Of the total $716 was labor, and the rest was for all the 'stuff' they installed.  I have to say right here that our experience at AM Solar was '5 star'......the communication from the day we made our appointment back on March 24th right through to the minute we left was excellent. The attention to detail was superb.  As I write this blog entry at 0830 we are already putting power back into our batteries.......before when we only had two panels that would not start happening until around 1030-1100 hours.  Some might think the costs are a little high, and that may be, but I know these folks will be there for me whenever I need help.....their followup, and support is second to none.

By 0930 we had said our 'until next times' to Greg, Cody, Dave and the gang and were rolling our wheels out the gate and on to Mohawk Road.  Within 20 minutes we had found a spot to park the coach for the next two days in the parking lot along the Willamette you can see in the picture below, the leaves are already beginning to turn here in Eugene....

......and within just a few minutes the mall security guard stopped by to have me fill out the paperwork to stay here for two days which I promptly displayed in the driver's side window as instructed......

Around 1130 hours I walked over to the mall to buy a foot long Subway Club for reasons I shall disclose at a slightly later date......on my way into the mall the first store I came across was, I guess, predictable.........

Shortly after 1200 I decided to get my Cannondale Bad Boy out and do a little exploring of the local bike trails.....we are just a few hundred feet from the North River Bank trail that runs along the north side of the Willamette River here in Eugene....

....TLE was otherwise occupied so I rode solo this all I covered just over 17 miles, and on Saturday, my birthday, I plan to do some more exploring.....there must be over 100 miles of local bike paths, and trails in the Eugene area.

We should have a sunny day Saturday so we'll get to see how fast the batteries charge back up after drawing them down Friday night......I watched two college football games over about 5 hours starting at 1600 hours.....I was in bed by 2100 hours.....kind of early for me, but I was tired after the last 3 days.

By the birthday is Saturday, so birthday wishes will be expected, and welcomed........:-)

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  1. Happy Birthday from blustery South Dakota....have a good one

  2. Happy birthday Clarke! By the way, my birthday comes up in three days.

  3. Mike, I knew there was a reason I liked you!

  4. Happy Birthday...May the year be sweet and healthy. Been reading your blog every day for the past year...thanks for all your efforts and daily stories. They are read far and wide...
    Cindy in upstate western NY

  5. Happy birthday Clarke! And many more...

  6. Happy Birthday! Enjoy this beautiful Oregon weather...while it lasts.