Friday, June 25, 2021

Road trip.....

10:30 am - Friday - June 25th - Redding, CA - 88° F, 30% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the southeast......clear, blue skies with a forecast high today of 107° F.  

(We are in Redding, CA as I write, getting our VW 'smogged'. I will post about Thursday later on today.  Thank you for your patience!)

On this date one year ago we had just arrived in Keystone, SD for a two week stay. You can see Mt. Rushmore in the background......↴

TLE had her usual split shift on Thursday meaning she would get off work around 4 pm.  Our plan was to leave for our trip to Redding, CA after she got off work and drive as far as we could before sundown, which we thought might put us in the vicinity of somewhere between Medford and Ashland, OR.  As it turned out she was off work at 3:30 pm, and we were on the road south a few minutes later.  

We made quick stop in Waldport to fuel up the VW for the 370 mile drive to Redding, but while we were fueling TLE realized she had forgotten her wallet.  After paying for our fuel we headed back to SRRVC to retrieve said wallet, and then began our drive south again....this time around 4 pm.....oh laid plans, right?

We drove south on US-101 to Reedsport where we headed inland on US-38 to connect with I-5 southbound reaching that intersection after 118 miles around 6 pm.  There TLE took the helm for the balance of the day's drive.  

We ultimately ended up getting a room at the Days Inn in Medford, OR after arriving there around 8:15 pm.  The temp was close to 100° F, but cooled down to the high 70's by 10 pm.....

....from Medford we have about 140 miles more to Redding and a forecast high of 107° F....I'm already missing Coastal Oregon!

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