Sunday, June 6, 2021

The unexpected......

 8:47 am - Sunday - June 6th - Seal Rock, OR - 46° F, 100% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the east by southeast.......heavy overcast today with a forecast high of 55° F, and a small chance of rain.  On this date one year ago we were boondock camping at the 'Big Eddie' on the shores of the Teton River with a view of the Grand Tetons.......↴

We had no where to be on Real Saturday except at home.  We slept in until after 8 am, and lazed around most of the morning.  Sunshine was not expected, but what a great surprise it was when the sun poked out from behind the clouds to brighten the day.  I was suddenly inspired to get outside and work on beautifying the Newell.  

It's been awhile since I worked on cleaning the roofline above the awnings, so I got out our telescoping ladder and got to work.  I began at the right rear corner of the coach, slowly working my way forward, and around the front of the coach to the left front corner.  In the process I decided to remove the shrink wrap from the airhorns, taillights, and headlights.  I was pleased to find the taillights, and headlights completely free of corrosion, while I found a light touch of surface rust on the airhorns.  All in all I'm pretty pleased with their condition.  I also found a couple of my amber marker light lenses had cracks in them (no doubt the result of the hail storms we endured while in Keystone, SD last summer) so I pulled a couple of new ones from my inventory to replace them.  By the time I reached the left front corner it was after 3 pm, and I was done for the day.

As the residue of the day slipped away, and darkness began to win the battle over daylight I realized we were about to be treated to another interesting sunset, so I headed outside to see what I could capture.....

......Real Saturday was a quite a surprise, and I am thankful the weather guessers were wrong.  I was able to spend a few hours soaking up vitamin 'D', and TLE was able to do dome interior cleaning (vacuuming) while I toiled outdoors.

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