Friday, November 16, 2012


It appears that in the last week of October, just as I had surmised, I hit my "picking" stride at Amazon when I averaged 113% of plan....basically I exceeded expectations by 13%.  Of course, as I have previously noted, TLE has exceeded expectations every singe week she has been here and has the paperwork to prove it.  Even though my goal has been to hit the "acceptable" rate of 85% to plan.....this is the expectation for seasonal workers, which we are, at Amazon, I am happy I can do that well, and not feel like I am pushing it too hard.  The full time employees, who have been doing this longer, are expected to be at, or near 100% since they are more experienced.

Wednesday night was another cold one.....we drove the 'Bird over to work that night, and when we came out there was a layer of ice on everything.  The ice scrapers TLE bought work well, but it still takes too we bit the bullet Thursday night and walked.  Frankly, even though it was 30 degrees at 4am, we were still warm from our 10 hour shift.....I actually felt warmer walking home than to work at 5pm the night before!  I worked in all three buildings last night, but spent most of my time in building "C" picking from the pallets in pick mod R3.....I actually like this work better as it doesn't involve "standing on my head" to peering into the dark recesses of a ground level "A" bin....everything is right out in the open, however, I do get to use my company issued box cutter a lot!  I think I picked in one 30 minute period over 100 Kindle Fire's, and not to be out done, well over 100 of the remastered Blue Ray, The Godfather series.

Unfortunately, I was up way too early on Thursday.....I think I only slept 4.5 hours......I made a little of the sleep deprivation up with a 1.5 hour nap from 2 to 3:30pm, but by 2am this morning I was very, very tired.  Instead of watching TV until almost 6 like I did Thursday morning, I showered, and was in bed by4:40am.......that combined with me not getting up until 10:45 has contributed enormously to my good disposition today.....that is until I saw the news that Hostess Bakeries is closing its doors.......NOOOOOOOO!  No more Twinkies, Ding Dongs......."say it ain't so Joe!"!  I don't really care about Wonderbread, but I feel really bad for the 18,500 employees who will be joining the ranks of the unemployed today.

Thursday was sunny, but chilly.  We didn't go out, or do anything.....we just rested up for the 2nd round of our four day work week.  Still trying to figure out what the hell the Lakers are doing.

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