Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fiesta Time!

I have always loved Saturdays.  When I was young it was a day to sleep in school! In college it was the only day I wasn't going to class, or working.  I loved sleeping in.  It was during college that I came to loathe alarm clocks.  When I got out of college I threw out the alarm clock for good.  That sudden adrenaline rush when the alarm goes off cannot be good for your body.  I enjoy waking up slowly.  There is nothing better than to wake up Saturday morning thinking initially it is a work day, and then realizing it is Saturday.....the best feeling in the world.

This Saturday was a great day to sleep in, and I did make it to 10am before I got up.....considering I went to sleep at 4am 6 hours was not exactly sleeping  On the other hand there are naps, and I did take 3 of those for over 2 hours.....I missed a good portion of the first half of the Notre Dame game, but woke up around half time. 

Around 6:30pm we headed over to the next county to do our bi-monthly liquor run, and then over to the gas station at Krogers where TLE used our points to get 40 cents off each gallon of gas she pumped!  After that we headed over to Colton's Steak House, but, silly us, it was Saturday night, and there was a 45 minute wait.....if there had been a bar we would have sat in there and ordered appetizers, but there wasn't.  As a back up we decided to head over to Fiesta Mexico where we had eaten when we passed through last Spring.  The place was packed, but we got one of the last tables.  Of the three Mexican restaurants in town we like this one the best......the food wasn't as good as what we had while we were in St. Louis, but it was good for Kentucky!  They have very good salsa and chips, and their 16 oz Margaritas are very good, also, and their service is excellent!  Yelp gives it 3 stars, and I would say that is about right.

I would have thought the Notre Dame vs. Pitt game would have been done, but when I checked my smart phone they were just starting overtime.  We actually got home in time to see the exciting end.  Pitt was actually up 14 points starting the 4th quarter and were still 7 up with a minute to go, but Notre Dame tied it up with a minute, or so to go in regulation. The luck of the Irish prevailed in that game for sure as the Fighting Irish won in triple overtime, when they should have in regulation, and in the second overtime.

After that game I took another nap, and then awakened near the end of the first half of the Alabama vs. LSU that was a great game with Alabama coming from behind to win by 4 by scoring a touchdown with 51 seconds to go.....they had not done a thing the entire second half....I think maybe one first down, but when the game was on the line their quarterback came alive and on four pass plays scored a touchdown to win the game and keep 'Bama undefeated.  Amazingly TLE napped through the exciting end of that game, even with me yelling at the TV!

The weather the entire day was heavily overcast, cold and blustery, and was the perfect day to be inside catching up on sleep and watching college football.  We were expecting rain, and it did sprinkle for an hour, or so around 9pm, but that was it.  

Before I went to bed I remembered Sunday is the day we roll the clocks back one hour....I thought it was 2am, but it was only 1am....technically.  I went to bed anyway, and was followed soon thereafter by TLE.  At least now it will be lighter earlier.

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