Friday, November 2, 2012

Short Sale

Thursday was another sunny, but still quite cold day.  Since the winds we were plagued with earlier in the week have gone I deployed the patio awning and window awnings again.  We're expecting rain Saturday so it's nice to have the patio awning out which keeps us dry entering and exiting the coach.  In addition it was time to perform my favorite task of living in a movable home.....dump the black tank!  We probably could have gone another 3-4 days, but when it's sunny outside it is time to do the nasty deed while the weather co-operates.

There is not much else to report.....we are kind of into the phase I was, work, sleep......repeat.  I slept until 11am which was an improvement.  TLE slept until Noon.....Noon is really the latest we should get up, because the afternoon is short enough as it is before we head to work at 5pm.  After Friday we have 6 weeks to go, and that means we will have completed one month of working at

My feet did much better Thursday night, and as a bonus we had a short work day and were sent home at 2am due to residual effects of Hurricane Sandy.  Of course, we expect that within the next week we will see a lot of extra work as people return to their normal lives and rush to catch up on their Christmas shopping.  No doubt we will see mandatory, and voluntary overtime soon.

Looking forward to our long weekend and not being on my feet on concrete for 10 hours a day!

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