Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lazy Bones Jones

That is what I used to call my oldest daughter when she would sleep all day Saturday way back in high school.  Well, that was us Monday.....well, we didn't sleep all day, but closer to Noon, and then, due to the "Noah's Flood" like conditions outside we didn't do anything, not even go to the movies like we had planned.  We just didn't do anything other than mostly vegetate all day long.  Sometimes you just need a day like that.....I know you know what I mean.

The rain was continuous, hard at times, and unrelenting until about 4pm.  There were small lakes of water appearing in our neighborhood of coaches, and with the rare exception of someone walking a dog, we didn't see many people outside for any period of time.  TLE ran a couple of loads of laundry through Mr. Splendide, I did some insurance work, and then we spent what was left of the afternoon watching a few more recorded espisodes of TV programs.  

The great thing is we still do not go back to work until Wednesday at 5:30pm.....we still have almost 2 days of down time.  On Wednesday we start what we are calling our "hump"  week.....when we finish this four day work week on Saturday we will be over half done with our work commitment.  My dreams at night are beginning to revolve around great beach locations we have visited, or plan to visit......around long bicycle rides in balmy weather....around nights at the Tiki Bar in Cedar Key watching the sun set......do you notice none of those dreams are about standing on concrete for 10 hours a day?  Hmmmm?

There is a promise of clear, calm, sunny skies on Tuesday, and for the next 9, or 10 days.  Rain is nice as long as it confines itself to the times I am sleeping, but when it crowds out the daytime part of my life it gets old very fast.  

We went to bed around midnight.  Normally we set both electric heaters at "zero" as we don't like sleeping with the heaters on, but Monday night's low temp is supposed to be under 30.  Even with the heaters set at 60 degrees the bedroom temperature got down to 56 at one point, but if we had not had the heaters on it would have gotten down to the low 50's inside.  The electric heater in the water bay is set at 55 degrees so nothing will freeze, and the water will not get too cold.  I can always tell when it has been running because the floor in the shower is warm, and the water coming out of the tap is warm at first.....a nice reminder it is doing its job.

That was it for Monday......thanks for stopping by!

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