Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"E" Day!

Thank God this election season is almost over.  Are you are sick as I am of the wall to wall political ads?  I would just like to turn on the TV and see a good old fashion GEICO commercial, or whatever.....not "Vote for me, because the other guy is worse".

I'm not going to do the typical "VOTE" blog entry.  I'm not going to ask you to vote for the sake of voting.  Please, don't vote because you think Republicans are evil, or Democrats are Socialists......vote for what is best for the country.....NOT for what is best for you, or your special interest group.  I am reminded of the great Spock line from the "Wrath of Kahn"......"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".    We cannot make public policy based on what is good for 3% of the population.  We need to make policy for what is good for the "many", and develop policy to address the exceptions without shrinking the rights of the "many".  Please don't vote based on what you can get out of it.  Vote for what is objectively best for you, your neighbor, and everyone else in this country.  Don't vote for good intentions, good speeches.......vote for good results!!

OK, that's my "get out the vote rant" for this year.

Monday was a delightful, sunny, restful day.  I was able to convert the last "old" fluorescent light fixture over the sink in the bathroom to LED.  I removed the old hardware, and installed 3 rows of LED strip lighting to simulate the brightness of the one, large fluorescent tube I was replacing.  It came out great, and, in fact, is a little brighter than before.  There are a few more automotive bulb fixtures in the closets to replace, and a few in the basement storage compartments, but we are almost there.  After that it will be time to begin replacing all the running/marker lights with LED's.  

Around 5pm we headed over to Colton's Steak House for dinner.....you may recall that Saturday night was too busy, and our wait would have been close to an hour for a table.  When we arrived there were probably 6 other tables occupied, and we were seated quickly.  Over the course of the hour we were there the restaurant again filled up.  TLE had the grilled salmon, and I had a filet mignon.  The food was good, and the service was excellent.  When you are seated they give you a small bucket of peanuts in the shell, and you are supposed to toss the shells on the floor.  I was hesitant to do it at first, you know it kind of goes against my upbringing to throw food on the floor, but I got into the spirit of it by the end of the evening......lol.

Tuesday we go back to work for four days.  It is like running a marathon for four days, but our times are improving....:D

Not much else going on Monday other than a couple of naps.

Thanks for stopping by!

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