Saturday, November 24, 2012

And then there were 4

We didn't go to bed until almost 6am Friday, so getting up after NOON made it a short afternoon......5pm came very quickly!  The weather continues to be clear, but Friday saw a drop in the daytime temperatures into the mid 50's with a promise of low 20's over night.  We apparently had a little rain after we went to bed at 6am, but neither of us heard it.

TLE and I literally did nothing except mentally and physically prepare for another 10 hour shift, but at least this time we knew the 10 hours would go much more quickly for us in HRV.  And they did! 

We are provided several box sizes for packaging jewelry ranging from, you guessed it, SMALL to EXTRA LARGE, and several sizes in between.  As you might imagine the MEDIUM box is used about 70% of the time, and we had people just going from station to station restocking medium boxes.....I think we went through a dozen cases of them last fact we were down to less than 100 boxes in reserve when our shift leader told us to stop picking so we could finish packing, and clean up before end of shift in 30 minutes.

We are both happy to report that for the second time this week we did not discuss our various foot ailments.  We each spend about half our shift now sitting on a comfortable stool at a computer/packing station putting small jewelry items in boxes, and the other half picking jewelry for others to package.  I would say we are down to about 2-3 miles of walking a night.  The nice thing is we switch from task to task every hour or so avoiding the boredom factor.  Everyone of our group that moved up to HRV is so fact we have induced a few others to join us after we spent so much time talking about how much we like our new job assignment.  I have seen big ear to ear smiles on people who only frowned and complained before.

Peak Season arrived at Campbellsville, KY with a vengeance!!  The workforce is a full capacity as of Friday.  When we first started our picking jobs there would be 20-30 pickers at our 5:30pm meeting/stretching sessions each night......last night there were around 150, or more of us getting ready to "pick" the things you have ordered online and start them on their way to you as quickly as possible!  We used to have the Building "B" break area to ourselves with plenty of room for everyone to, if you don't get there at exactly the beginning of break you stand.....that is if you can find a place to stand.  The lunch room in Building "A" is the same.....if you are not there at precisely 10:15pm you will be standing.  This week will be the worst of that as right now there are several overlapping shifts because of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (yet to come).  We'll work tonight, have Sunday off, and then work Monday and Tuesday with Wednesday off, then work Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  After this week things go from totally crazy to only mildly crazy for the next 4 weeks.  And isn't that amazing?  There are only 4 weeks to go!  Today is November 23rd, and our last work day is December 23rd.  Amazing!  And, to add to the delight it is fun watching our bank account being infused with new greenbacks every two weeks.

The next four weeks will go quickly, and then we will be heading for the warmer temperatures of Ceday Key, FL.  Getting ready to watch the Ohio State U of Michigan game in 10 minutes, take a couple of cat naps and then "gird up my loins" for another work night!

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