Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Monday I received mail from home, which included my Newell Coach registration tags from California's DMV.  This may be the last year I register my vehicles in California.  

I also received a batch of LED's bayonet bulbs I ordered on Ebay to complete the LED conversion of the last lights inside the coach, as well as the storage bays.  Now, on to conversion of the balance of the exterior running and marker lights.  I converted the front and rear turn signals, rear brake lights, and running lights back in February while we were in Mesa, AZ.  We are almost to a complete LED conversion of our coach lighting now.

One thing I noticed Monday was I felt much better after only one full day of recuperation.  Usually it has taken me the full three days off to get to that point, so maybe my body is adjusting after all.  Ironically, just about the time we get completely acclimated it will be time to pull up anchor and move to warmer climes.   And speaking of warmer, Monday's temps were in the low 60's with no wind, and just a few clouds.  

I spent the better part of the day outside, or in the "garage" (trailer).  I also took advantage of our 10% Amazon employee discount by ordering a few things on Amazon.com.  Every night I am picking I pick things that remember I need, but forget every time I go to the store......Maglite wall mounts (for mounting the large "D" cell Maglite flashlight on the wall, replacement Maglite bulbs, new rear WTB Weirwolf UST tubeless tire for my mountain bike,  replacement jack stands, etc. (one broke).  I got a text late Monday saying they would be here Wedesday.....how about that?

That was the extent of the excitement for the day, except TLE went shopping and came home with a wonderful Salmon steak, which we grilled Monday night....wow, two formal dinners in a row....we are getting civilized again!

One more day off before we return to our "night of the living dead" jobs......just kidding....most everyone I see in the warehouse at night is alive......:D

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