Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sam, you are as FANTASTIC as "they" say!

My last haircut was in Sand Springs, OK around September 23rd, or 24th at the local Supercuts.  I have been getting my haircut at Supercuts since 1984.  The thing I like about Supercuts is that they are everywhere.....well, almost everywhere.....they do not have a store here in Campbellsville.  Hard to believe it has been 6 weeks since Sand Springs, but it was time to get a haircut.  I was checking the internet for the nearest Supercuts, but it is in Lexington....80+ miles away.  TLE mentioned she saw a Fantastic Sams near Walmart.  Well, they are also a national chain, so while TLE visited a local hair salon recommended to her by one of our Amazon friends, Doris, I headed over to Fantastic Sams for a haircut.  I really like continuity, and getting my haircut at some place other than Supercuts after 28 years was a little disconcerting  (LOL!!).  Nevertheless, I boldly walked through the door and was seated by Lucia who proceeded to make me feel at home, knew exactly what I wanted done, and did a marvelous job lowering my ears.  Since we will be here another 6 weeks at least I will paying her at least one more visit.

After my haircut I drove across the street to Goodwill to browse while waiting for TLE's phone call.  I had no longer started looking at one long sleeved shirt than she called, so I hopped in the 'Bird and drove the 3 blocks over to get her.  The hair stylist did a great job on her hair, and she is very happy.  We decided to head back to Goodwill and we both ended up buying a few shirts.  I got 3 more t-shirts (a Texas Longhorns one, a Louisville Cardinals one, and a plane black one), and TLE got a couple.  They only cost $3 each, and I would rather wear out those t-shirts working at Amazon, than my prized collection of t-shirts that I wear outside of Amazon.

By the time we finished at Goodwill it was 2pm and time for lunch so we decided t stop by the local Hardees (Carl's Jr. on the west coast) .  I haven't had a good bacon cheesburger in a long time.

We got home around 3pm, and it was time for a long nap....I only slept around 4.5 hours the "night" before.......didn't go to bed until to get to bed sooner....and got up at 10!  Around 4:15 TLE woke me up so I could get dressed for work.  Work went smoothly, which is becoming the norm.  4am came quickly, and we were on our way out the door to the car.....yes we drove the car again, but only because the forecast temperature at 4am was 34 degrees......apparently it was lower because there was ice on the windshield, as well as all the other windows!  By the time I managed to scrape enough ice off the windshield for TLE to see with my Amazon employee ID card we could have walked!  I guess I'll have to invest in an ice scraper Thursday, or we'll just have to tough it out and walk to and fro.....I think that's a better idea.

TLE made some hot tea for us, and after a quick shower I was in the sack by 4:45am....much, much better!

The weather Wednesday was overcast, drizzly and very, very cold, but we have a warm front coming in with forecast temps in the high 60's, and low 70's.  We will also have a longer 4 day weekend coming up so maybe we can do some bicycling, and site seeing.

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