Monday, November 5, 2012

LEDing By Example

No, it is not a spelling error......just a play on words.  Over the past few years TLE and I have been slowly converting all of our 12 volt interior lighting fixtures to LED's.  LED fixtures have been, and continue to be quite expensive, however, there are a lot coming out of China now that are way more affordable, especially the LED strip lights.

Going back to last February when we spent 12 days in Mesa, AZ at our very good Newell friends (Tom and Darlene) home I have been converting the numerous ceiling fluorescent fixtures to LED.  There are 16 in all, and, until yesterday, I had converted, or replaced 12 of them.  In addition there were 6 directional reading lights using large flood type automotive bulbs that I have replaced with LED fixtures, and have added a 7th over the couch for TLE when she sits there reading.  Also, there are/were 18 square light fixtures utilizing regular automotive bayonet bulbs such as you would see in running, or marker lights.  All of these automotive type bulbs draw a lot of amps.  If they were all on at once they would draw in the neighborhood of 25-30 amps.  I have replaced 12 of them so far, and will be ordering more of the LED bayonet bulbs today to finish them.  Lastly, there are four exterior docking lights that each have 2 large automotive bayonet style bulbs.  I like to use them when we are are outside by the fire.  They provide extra light, but when we are dry camping I don't use them because they draw so many amps.  With the new bulbs I will be able to use them now when we are dry camped.  I think by the time we leave Campbellsville we will have converted all of the old bulbs/fixtures over to LED, and will be all the more efficient for it.  

The weather continues to be cold....getting into low 30's at night.  We've been leaving the front electric heater set at 60 during the night, and still turning off the bedroom heater.  Got down to 56 degrees in the bedroom last night, but we were quite comfortable under the covers!

Also watched the NFL.....glad to see Peyton Manning pull out a game against the Bengals, but his brother did not fair as well against the Steelers, nevertheless, it was a very interesting game.  While I was working on converting the wine glass cabinet light to LED I watched the games out in the "garage" (trailer).  Sunday was a very pleasant day, and amazingly, I did not take a nap until after 5pm!  I think I'm catching up on my sleep.

TLE made another amazing meatloaf for dinner, and we enjoyed it along with green beans and mashed potatoes with a side of Pinot Noir, and candle light.

We hit the hay around 1am, and I slept until 9am for a solid 8 hours.....TLE slept 'til 11.  

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