Saturday, November 10, 2012


One of the things that helps us get through each 10 hour shift is the two 15 minute breaks, plus the lunch break.  It is not so much the breaks themselves, but the people we spend those breaks with that makes the difference.  We are on "D" shift, and 4 of the people who work with us.......Rick, Pat, Jim and Sharon are soooo much fun to be with.  Especially the two 15 minute breaks when we sit there laughing the entire just raises my spirit, and does something to my energy level.  It is easy to sit there moaning about your tired feet, or stiff fingers, and aching back, but with these neat people there is no time for that.  They are all a little older than us, but you would not know it, because they, like us, are young at heart.  The bonus is that they are also our neighbors here at Heartland RV Park.

Yesterday they invited us to go to lunch at Betty's OK Country Cooking restaurant near Columbia, KY.....about 13 miles south of us.  What a cool place, and the food is terrific, and inexpensive.  I had the DOUBLE BLT, and was it amazing!!  TLE had a Rueben, which she also cherished.  The problem with going to lunch, is that on a work day it really ends up being an early dinner when you eat at 2pm.  It was the only full meal I ate Friday.  After getting back home around 3:30 I had a little time for a nap, and then it was time to rock the Pick Mods in building B.

The weather had warmed up late Friday, and by the time we walked over to the Amazon building we were carrying our jackets instead of wearing them.  The forecast for the weekend is temps in the 70's.  We are really looking forward to sitting outside in the lounge chairs this weekend.

In Kentucky there are no professional sports teams, so when it comes to basketball season, and you are home to the reigning men's NCAA Basketball National Champs that is what you listen to, or watch on Friday nights, and the radios throughout building B were tuned to the game between Kentucky and Maryland.  UK pulled out the back and forth game by 3 points.

We can't believe we have already been working 5 weeks!

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