Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There is a light.... the end of our tunnel, and it is not an on coming train....:D  We are now 26 days away from our planned southward trajectory, and we have completed 60 days of our "DFFR" stint at Amazon......"DFFR" standing for Diesel Fuel Fund Replenishment.  

The weather Tuesday was heavily overcast, cold and blustery.....the kind of cold that penetrates your very soul....the kind of cold that keeps you indoors with heaters humming until you must egress for your walk to work.

Since we didn't work a full shift will recall we were invited to go home at 7pm due to system wide issues with Amazon's computers....we went to bed earlier than normal....around 12:30am.  I was up around 9am, but TLE, who doesn't really need any beauty rest that I can see, slept until near Noon.  Whilst she slumbered I did some insurance work, and caught up in a cyber way with our Cedar Key friends who will all be converging at that geographical location in less than 4 weeks.  There is scuttlebutt that TLC (The Learning Channel) wants to do a show featuring several of our clan, however, it is believed they want to do a reality show about this lifestyle, and are looking for interesting characters to follow around with a camera.  No one seems too interested in a reality show, and neither are we.  Several events have already been planned......the first, and most important, is New Year's Eve at the Low Key Hideaway Tiki Bar.

This is the typical nightly view from the dock at the Low Key Hideaway Tiki Bar, and where we plan to spend many an eve in January.

Tuesday night at Amazon started out in a similar fashion to Monday night and had us all thinking we would be sent home again.....less than 60 minutes into our shift we were all once again called back to the "Pick Desk" where we stood for 20 minutes gossiping about our fate for that evening....suddenly we were instructed to log back into our scanners and start picking, and that is what we did the rest of the evening.   Our shift picked over 165,000 items for shipping last night/morning. I forgot to mention in yesterday's offering that we were back on the main floor for two days, but will be returning to HRV Wednesday night for the rest of the week.  This week is our first 5 day week.....only 3 to go after this week is completed. There may even be a few 12 hour days thrown in the mix.....we'll see.  Last night I could have worked 12 hours.....I felt good, and my feet felt great!  I am now rotating 2 pairs of Keen hiking shoes.....Keen makes an extra wide shoe, which seems to work well for my feet.  The New Balance trail runners I bought in Seaside, OR this past summer for the purpose of rotating with my original Keen shoes just didn't work out in the 10 hour scenario, but the new Keen Zion Trail Shoes work great, and are super comfortable just like my original Keens.

When we emerged from the Amazon building at 4:10am it was 25 degrees, and everything was frozen......glad we didn't drive!  By the time we got home my exposed knees and legs were a little numb....:D  TLE wore her duster again, which also sports a hood.....she is actually quite fetching in that coat.

Wednesday will find us back in the HRV Pic of the things I love about this time of year is Christmas Music....XM Radio dedicates stations to playing this music 24/7 leading up to Christmas.  My favorite right now is channel 17, Holly.....listening to it right now as I compose this should see the smile on my mug right now!

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