Friday, November 23, 2012

HRV.......Oh how I love thee!

You just never know when serendipity will smile down on you.  Sitting in one place like we have the past 7 weeks makes it more difficult for Miss Serendipity to find you, but find us she has.  Now that we have acclimated to our jobs and walking 10 miles in 10 hours on cold concrete I was confident we had what it took to finish out our last 4 weeks, but certainly wasn't looking forward to it.   A few days ago our boss, Matt (an avid Texas A&M fan by the way) announced there were some opportunities available for Camper Force people.  One of them was to work in the HRV (High Retail Value) Pick Mod, which is a self contained world unto itself.   HRV is located on the fourth level of Pic Mod "C" in Building B......if you remember, building B is the HOT, here we are now on the 4th level of a pic mod in building B.  Well, the fourth level has "4 million" fans moving the air around, and it is actually quite the winter....:D

There are several levels of security to get to the 4th level, and a bazillion cameras.  In HRV we do everything except "stow"....we pick, we put some jewelry items in boxes (called prepping), we handle restocking the "prepping" stations, we empty our own trash, and sweep our own floors.  The longest stretch you pick is 2.5 hours, then you switch to a "Prep" station for the next quarter shift.  During the after lunch quarter shift of 3 hours you switch every hour.  When prepping jewelry if you run out of jewelry to prep then you restock your station.  If it is near the end of the 10 hours you start cleaning up....empty the trash, sweep, ask questions, etc.  We are both enjoying the variety......and there is one fourth the walking, and NO heavy lifting, and no moving from building to building during your just work in one place the entire shift, but perform a variety of tasks.  The boredom and monotony factors are greatly reduced, if not completely vanquished.

Creek Side Family Restaurant

Thursday, of course, was Thanksgiving and we had plans to go to Creek Side Family Restaurant, a local buffet style restaurant located on the north side of town that is reputed to have a great Thanksgiving Buffet, so our gang of 14 people met there at 3:30pm.  The food was great, and the company even better.    We enjoyed getting to know Mike and Liz a little better.

Since we only had a "half" day of work we headed home around 5:30pm, took naps, and headed off to work around 10:20pm.  Just after our nightly stretching and announcement session those of us who had asked to work in HRV were taken up to the HRV Pic Mod to begin our training for our new jobs.  The 5 hours flew by, and before we knew it we were walking back to our "home" at 4:15am.  We're looking forward to the last 4 weeks working at our new assignment in the HRV Pic Mod......thank you so much Miss Serendipity!

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