Monday, November 26, 2012

Los Amigos at Los Mariachis

We walked home from Amazon at 4:15am in 23 degree temperatures, but we had prepared for the cold walk and had enough clothing on to stave off frostbite.  Elaine was wearing a long "duster" type over coat to keep her legs warm on the walk home (as you know, we both wear shorts to work) while I toughed it out with bare legs.....:D

Sunday was our lone day off before Cyber Monday so along with our other Amazon amigos we headed off in search of decent Mexican cuisine......the three local restaurants (in Campbellsville) fall a little short of what we consider good Mexican, but we had heard from one of our Amazon amigos, Michael, that Los Mariachis in Lebanon, KY had very good Mexican, so off we went around 2pm.

Liz and TLE at Los Mariachis

We (TLE*, me, Jim, Sharon, Rick and Pat) arrived in the lovely old town area of Lebanon around 2:35pm and found Michael and Liz well into their first Margarita.  Well, frankly, they serve great $3.99 Margaritas so we joined right in.  The food was certainly much better than what we had consumed in Campbellsville (Yelp gives this establishment 3.5 stars out of a possible 5 and Urban Spoon gives it a 4.....I think 3.5 is about right), but the company more than made up for any minor short comings in the food.  Don't get me wrong, it was the best Mexican we have had in a couple of months, the service was exceptional, and we will certainly return, but the conversation and company was 5 stars for sure.  Liz kept us in stitches for 3 hours.....yes, when we entered Los Mariachis it was the middle of the afternoon....when we left it was dark and the dinner crowd was starting to arrive.  I was trying to think of which story Liz told I could repeat in my "G" rated blog, but came up empty.....she is quite the story teller.  My jaw is still aching from all the laughter, and TLE's mascara was running.

After we arrived home Mike, Liz, Jim and Sharon came over to take the Newell tour, and then we were left alone to bask in the warm feelings and memories of a very entertaining afternoon with good friends.

TLE settled in to read for a couple of hours, and I watched the Giants v Packers NFL Giants won decisively 38-10.

Elaine had at least an hour head start on Sunday night's slumber time, but I joined her around getting into bed after the electric blanket had done it's job.  

Work Monday and Wednesday, then back to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday....then there will be only 3 weeks left......:-)

Thanks for stopping by!

*For those new to the blog and wondering what TLE stands for, it is simply, and accurately,  "The Lovely Elaine"

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