Thursday, November 22, 2012

The hits just keep on coming....

I listen to XM radio a lot when we are rolling the wheels on the Newell, or when I am in the "garage"......specifically channels 5 and 6 which are the 50's and 60's when Rock 'N Roll was in its infancy.  While I do like some of today's music, my heart is in the 50's and 60's music.  TLE knows when the playlist really strikes a nerve with me, because I will say, over and over, ".....and the hits just keep on coming!".  Well, that is how the weather has been this beautiful, sunny, windless day after another.  Last night I walked to work in my short sleeves carrying my jacket.  When we exited the Amazon building at 4:05am it was in the mid 40's.....almost, but not quite, t-shirt!  However, and there is always a "however, Saturday will see a high of 39, and a low of, where is that coming from?

Wednesday was notable in that TLE did not do any shopping, and did not buy any Nora Roberts books (at least that I can find.....:D).  The shopping I did online Monday arrived, well all but one item that is being shipped separately, and will be here Friday.  

Our 10 hour shift at Amazon went fast.....the fastest yet according to almost everyone in our picking seemed we all got to pick in our favorite areas.  God answered my prayer (JK)  and allowed me to be assigned to "pick" in building "C" in the RV palletized area.  That is the easiest picking job for me.  It is nice and cool....almost cold in building "C", and there are no "A" bins requiring you to stand on your head to find the obscure item you are picking.  I was there for 3.5 of the first 5 hours, and then after "lunch" (10:15pm to 10:45pm) I spent the rest of the evening in building "C" in the palletized area again.  The time flies by there for me.

TLE and I have been recruited to pick in the high security HRV (high retail value) pick areas....essentially this is where expensive items are kept, such as jewelry.  Amazon has had good experience with Camper Force people in the HRV area.  This is a coveted job, and we hope we get chosen to pick in this area......much easier picking, and less walking.  We'll see.

Later today (Thursday) we will head over to Creekside Restaurant for their Thanksgiving buffet with our Amazon friends.  Thanksgiving is one of those days during the year that I miss my children and grandchildren the most.  Already got a call from Kate filling us in on their Thanksgiving plans.

That's all from lovely, sunny Campbellsville, KY!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. hi clarke and elaine.

    thanks for sharing your experiences. i enjoy reading them each day.

    happy thanksgiving

    tom and darlene


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