Sunday, November 11, 2012


Saturday was Almost Like was balmy, light to no breeze, and a day for sitting outside for hours watching NCAA football.  I was up by 11am, and TLE, uncharacteristically, was up a short time later.  We must be getting used to our schedule......NOT!!!  Just didn't want to waste a perfectly good warm, sunny day in bed with the curtains closed....haha!

Got to see Alabama lose for the first time in a long apologies to my Alabama friends, but you have to know that everyone is always pulling for the upset of the #1 team, and Texas A&M proved to be too much.  Frankly, LSU should have beaten them last week.  Notre Dame won easily and continues to be undefeated, so the argument that they should be in the National Championship game will intensify, but a very strong argument can, and will be made for Oregon and Kansas, also undefeated.

TLE went shopping while I got out the patio furniture, the TV, BBQ and turned on the XM Radio to the 60's channel.  What a great day to be alive.  Got to enjoy it and Sunday as it will return to winter with a vengeance on Monday.

As evening approached TLE got out the filet mignon for me to season and BBQ.  That steak was very, very thick, and took me almost 20 minutes to bring to medium rare, but it was worth the wait!  TLE prepared a chopped cilantro, tomato and romaine salad with Newman's Balsamic dressing, and broccoli....that was a $40 meal at any restaurant worth its salt.

After dinner we put a log in the outdoor fireplace and sat outside for another hour watching the stars come out, and talking to neighbors as they passed by.  A perfect end to a wonderful day spent not on my feet for 10 hours....:D

After we went back inside for the night I fell asleep in the recliner for 2 hours.....what a great nap.  TLE went to bed at 10pm, and I followed at midnight.  

Sunday we will take the top of the 'Bird and go for a nice country drive after we have Brunch at Campbellsville U.

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