Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bond......James Bond

We were greeted by a cloudless, windless day Tuesday.....but COLDDDD!!  I got up around 9am.....The Lovely Elaine a lot later....:D  TLE had some more shopping to seems there is always more shopping to do.....and I had a few tasks to occupy myself whilst she was gone.  First on the list was to jack up the trailer, take off one of the wheels, and brake drum to verify the exact electric brakes I need to order to replace all four assemblies.  All the brake shoes still have lining on them, but no point in waiting for them to get to metal on metal, plus the magnets have lost some of their power......electric brakes utilize magnets to engage the brakes.....don't ask me exactly how that works, because I have no idea....I just know that they get weak overtime, and it's time to replace them.  

The cool thing about these brakes is all I have to do is unscrew 5 bolts on each assembly, remove the old assembly and bolt on the new assembly, and connect the wires.  All that remains then is to adjust the brake shoes as needed.  I'll get to work on that in a couple of weeks.  I was able to verify that I did, indeed, have Dexter brakes, and that the ones I had sourced were exactly what I had.....they will cost me about $106 per axle for all four brake assemblies.

Next task was to repair the EZup cover that had torn during the rain storm when rain accumulated on one side.  This is probably the last time I will repair this one...I have another much newer one, but am waiting for this one to give up the ghost, and that time is fast approaching.

Finally, I wanted to get a coat of wax on the front the waxing efforts kind of stalled out after I finished the rear cap.  Now all I have remaining is both sides and she'll be good for 6 months.

We had planned to see "Skyfall" at the local cinema at 4:15, but our neighbors, Jim and Jacque are leaving Wednesday and invited us to a farewell dinner at Campbellsville U at 5:30, so we accepted and decided to make the 6:40 showing instead, and that worked out well.  We'll be hooking back up with them in Florida in a couple of months.  They'll be work camping down near Tampa for a few months at a Methodist retreat center.

"Skyfall", the latest James Bond offering, was, in my opinion, one of the better James Bond movies in a while.  It was a lot more low tech, and reminded me of some of the earlier Bond moves like "From Russia with Love".  Daniel Craig does an admirable job of portraying the iconic super spy.  TLE and I both highly recommend this Bond movie.

By the time we returned "home" the temps had dropped into the mid 30's, and would get into the low 20's before the night was over, but as always we were as "snug as two bugs in a rug".....I know that's an odd saying, but those of you from my generation will recall their parents using that same phrase on more than one occasion.

Wednesday we return to the work a day grind for four days.....we have Sunday off, then back to work Monday and Wednesday night due to Thanksgiving.....back to work for a 5 hour shift at 11pm Thursday night, full shift Thursday, Friday and Saturday....that will be a tough week, especially Black Friday.

Over and out from Heartland RV park.....thanks for stopping by!

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