Wednesday, June 3, 2015

TVC - Day 25 - Same ol' same ol'

Over the past few weeks our fellow staffers from last summer have been slowly arriving at TVC........there are two things that keep us coming back to TVC.....we love Lake Tahoe and we love the people with whom we work!  And this year we see extra effort being put into improving the look and feel of the campground.  We've been here three weeks now and the transformation has been remarkable.....hence I am remarking.  Prior to the summer of 2014 there were no cabin rentals here at TVC, and now we have 7 cabins, including one 'wheelchair accessible' cabin.  Within the next week, or so all the picnic tables will have a fresh coat of redwood stain on them, and all the sites will have been raked free of pine needles at least once.  Between Harry and I we have eliminated all the leaking hose bibs.

Tuesday when I wasn't making my two rounds of the park checking sites I was once again working with Harry.....we helped once customer reattach a cabinet in their class A motorhome that had come loose on their drive up to Lake Tahoe, and hooked them up to our cable TV system.....we spent time working on the fence in section 'E' that will separate the 3 cabins there from the RV sites behind them.....we installed some new shelves in the 'wheelchair accessible' cabin.......and we continued working on getting all the light posts in the campground working.

New fence almost completed

I managed to extricate myself from work right at 2:30 bringing my total weekly hours to 26....only 6 to go to meet my minimum of 32.  After taking a short nap I got on my bike and did an 11 mile round trip ride up to the end of the bike path just past Camp Richardson and back.  After I returned Tara, one of the housekeeping girls, brought her mountain bike by for me to install a new 9 speed chain for her.

The weather continues to be clear with temps in the 60's and 70's, although I see a few days coming up with rain in the forecast.

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