Monday, June 1, 2015

TVC - Day 23 - I can dig it....

As I was waking up this morning it dawned on me that with the end of May came the end of our 39th month living as nomads on the road, and our 51st month of living full time in our Newell.  It has been quite a journey, and our nomadic life continues to evolve......the past year has seen us traveling in a smaller geographical area and spending more time in specific locations.  In our first almost 21 months on the road we did not return to our hometown, let alone California once, but in the past 18 months we have been home 5 times.  Beginning in January we had a string of 3 family weddings to attend, 2 of them involving our daughters, and one involving my youngest brother's daughter.....that wedding will be July 18, and then our second daughter's wedding will be in we will be home at least two more times through October, and then back one more time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Based on our preliminary discussions 2016 will be a whole new travel plan taking us far and wide once again.  We love our life, and have no plans to do anything different for the next few years....frankly I can't imagine ever living in a 'sticks and bricks' home long as we have our health, and mental faculties we will continue to enjoy this life style.

I was reading the blog of friends whom we met in Cedar Key, FL back in early 2012 in our first few months on the road.  They are young 30 somethings who have decided that moving around the country in an RV is way more expensive than living in fixed location, and are changing up their lifestyle somewhat as a result.....they will still be living in their class A motorhome (which they have spent the past year remodeling), but will be modifying their nomadic travel style.  TLE and I have found exactly the opposite.  We live on far less money now than we did in our 'sticks and bricks' days, have more disposable income, and live where we want to live.  It's obvious that there are many ways to live on the road....some can be quite expensive....we have found a lifestyle and mode of travel that is not very expensive, but makes us feel rich nevertheless.  Whenever I see someone post a question on any number of online forums I follow asking how much it costs to live full time in an RV on the road I think to myself...."It will cost as much as you decide it will...", and that is really the only answer to that question.

Now, back to is the case on most Sundays in an RV park the workaday folks began to depart to return to their regularly scheduled lives.  I made my early morning rounds about 8:20 am, and was finished by 9:30.  From there I met up with Harry to  see what he had on his plate work wise. 

First up we built a 'tire swing' for the 'kiddie' play area, and I think it turned out well......

.....then our attention turned to replacing temporary fencing that separates the three 'park model' cabins in section 'E' from the RV sites behind them......

The permanent fencing under construction

My four wheeler

......we headed out into the undeveloped campground land behind section 'E' to look for dead pine trees of a certain size we could cut down and use for the pole fence we would erect.  We found several trees, cut them down and then dragged them to the area using the four wheelers where we would construct the permanent fence.  The next task was to dig six post holes (3 for each of us) using, you guessed it, post hole diggers.  I think this is the first time in over 15 years I have used a post hole digger....thankfully the soil here is quite sandy, and after all the moisture we've had these past 10 days it was relatively easy to dig the holes.  This was not a project that would be completed in one day, and about 2:30 pm we called it quits for the day.  I still had to do my afternoon site checks so I took off to get that done, and finally around 4 I walked home with TLE.....another day in paradise in the books.

TLE and I sat outside for about 2 hours reading, then took a walk around the campground before having dinner, then read some more before hitting the 'hay'.

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