Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TVC - Day 38 - If a tree falls in the forest......

After our very localized power failure yesterday morning we had to both hustle to make it to work on time, which we did......for the first time I did my morning rounds sans was a tad cool when I started out at 8:10 am, but the morning sun filtering through the pines warmed me quickly.....

No jacket at 8:15 am!

Tuesday TVC had a date with a local arborist to remove some of 'her' dead trees......there was one in site 356 that we named the 'widow maker' as it had been dead for quite some time and had gone so far as to fall against another large tree in the was just a matter of time before it came crashing to the ground on its own.  In all they removed about 20 deceased pines over the course of the day, some as large as 4 feet in diameter.  I have to admit there was a certain sadness in me when I saw that 4' x 100' lodge pole pine crash to the ground......its time of reaching for the sky above, and casting shade to the ground below was finished.....the good news is its usefulness on earth is not finished just will now be re-purposed into construction lumber to provide shelter in the future.

I continued my quest to 'deep clean' as many campsites as I can before my summer here is history spending a couple of hours in the section 'E' tent sites picking up the small debris left by past tent dwellers who, in general, have done a decent job over the years of cleaning up after themselves.  Nevertheless, the accumulation of small stuff over time adds up....a bottle cap here, a zip tie there, a few cigarette butts thrown in for good measure begin to add up after a few years.

TLE and I both clocked out at precisely 2:30 pm heading directly home to unwind after another TVC day......we watched three soccer matches in all with the finale being between the USA and Nigeria.....the USA took the match 1-0 on a goal just before half time by Abby Wambach off a corner kick from Tracy Morgan.  The USA defense was steller, and Hope Solo was rarely tested......on the other hand Australia shocked #5 Sweden by tying them 1-1....Sweden is now in the unenviable position of wondering if they will make it to the round of 16.

TLE made enchilada caserole from our Monday evening street taco leftovers and it was delicious......the Moose Drool I used to chase it did not hurt......thanks for stopping by!

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