Sunday, June 7, 2015

TVC - Day 28 - Keeping it real....

Hard to believe we have now been at TVC for 4 weeks.....the time has flown to know that we will be here another 12 weeks!  The weather is gradually warming up, which leads directly to the campground beginning to fill up, and the arrival of our regular long term residents who spend the entire summer.

Our work day passed by quickly, and I found myself clocking out at 2:40 pm.....close to my goal of 2:30 and 6 hours of labor.  I spent most of my day doing rounds, sprucing up sites that needed extra attention due to smokers who thoughtlessly drop their 'butts' on the ground when they are done with just 4, or 5 sites I picked up close to 150 'butts'....I don't mind that people smoke.....personally the smoke does not bother me, but for those who do smoke, please don't drop your 'butts' on the ground.....they are really difficult to clean up!  For the first time this summer my 'Who Is in the Park' list exceeded 2 pages....again, a sign the summer is getting into full swing.

As you all know we own a 1982 Newell Motorcoach....the users group we belong to (Newell Gurus) is holding their annual Mini Rally here at TVC this year and the first of the coaches owned by our good friends Tom and Darlene arrived Saturday around noon time.  This year's rally will not reach the numbers we have had in past years at only 6 coaches, but it will be good to visit with good friends once again, and make some new friends.  Our biggest rally to date was in the summer of 2013 in Spearfish, SD when we had close to 30 coaches.  The rest of the participants will be arriving Sunday the 7th.

The first match of the FIFA Women's World Cup kicked off at 3 pm pitting China against Canada.....the game remained a 0-0 tie until 90 seconds into extra time when Canada was awarded a penalty kick due to an obvious foul in the penalty area.  Canada's Sinclair converted the kick by caroming it off the left goal post as the Chinese goalkeeper dove to her right....barely missing the ball.  The matinee match was between the Netherlands and New Zealand and ended with the same score (1-0) in favor of the Netherlands.

Tom and Darlene joined us for hamburgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and salad around 5:30, and as we talked, and laughed I had the second game of the NHL finals on which was won by the Tampa Bay Lightning (4-3) over the Chicago Blackhawks evening the series at one game a they head back to Chicago for the next two games.  I was given a 5 star rating by our guests, and TLE for the 'perfectly grilled' hamburgers......around 7 pm we were chased inside by a brief summer squall (rain).....if it's going to rain I would rather it be at night, and during the day!

That was our Real Saturday.....a really good day for sure!

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