Wednesday, June 10, 2015

TVC - Day 31 - Potpurri

As I walked to the campground office to 'clock in' for the day's adventures I couldn't help but notice my shadow on the pavement......the weather guessers were guessing we would get rain late in the day with a high probability of heavy showers on Wednesday so I will be missing my shadow Wednesday.  We've had such a wonderful succession of mostly sunny, balmy days the past week.....I wish it just could stay like that.....

.....of course, I also wish rainwater were beer, but that wish probably has no chance of coming true either.....sigh....I'll let you know.

You know what I do twice a day (site checks) so there is no point in reciting the obvious.....what did I do that was out of the ordinary?  Hmmm......I stood in the bucket of the front loader while Harry raised me up into the air about 20 feet so we could tie a banner to a couple of lodge pole pine trees announcing a new website.....I helped pick up broken concrete and dirt resulting from a minor excavation project to find and fix a leaking water pipe under the pool deck (why is the leak always under the concrete?  Why can't it be under the grass?).....I helped set up safety barriers around the as yet unrepaired deck area......I cleaned up the ground around 6 dumpsters (yuk).....raked pine needles further away from a class 'C' RV so the owner could put out their tiny awning mat that would have fit without me having to rake the needles further away.....I did it with a smile......fixed a broken shower head in cabin 141 (cracked).........all that and more before noon!

It warmed up into the 80's Tuesday, and by 2 pm the air had developed this sultry feeling portending the arrival of the forecast rain......we, once again, joined with our fellow Newell owners around 6:30 for a potluck dinner over in site 174.....TLE prepared her world famous Jambalaya, and Richard and Rhonda provided the makings for contribution was a 22 ounce Firestone Black IPA, which Richard and I was my perfect kind of IPA....not too 'hoppy'.  By 8 pm the temperatures were dropping....again in anticipation, no doubt, of the advancing weather we headed for home.

The women's World Cup is in progress and we have been recording many of the matches to watch when we have the time....we ended up watching parts of two matches (England vs. France.....won by France one to nil, and the first half of Spain vs. Costa Rica....tied 1-1 at half time) before calling it an evening.......

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