Saturday, June 6, 2015

TVC - Day 27 - Friday is Sunday?

Friday felt more like a Sunday to me than a Friday.....since we have our two consecutive days off on Thursday and Friday my day clock is getting all messed up....I woke up thinking it was Sunday.  Nevertheless, there was sun, and not rain for most of the day, so it's all good.  

We had plans to go 'junking' Sunday....I mean Friday......but not before I took another bike ride 5.5 miles up to the end of the bike path and back totaling just over 11 miles round trip.  The weather was good both directions, and at one point I thought I might be a little over dressed, but when I hit the mild, but quite cold headwind coming back south I was happy for every scrap of clothing I was wearing.

I wish I could be more disciplined in maintaining an consistent exercise schedule when we are traveling in unfamiliar places, but I struggle with that.....since I lost all that weight back in early 2014 (my low was 187...down from a high of 211) I have gained a few pounds, but was hovering the mid 190's range....not so much because of over eating, but because failing to exercise on a consistent basis once we hit the road.  I did better this winter, but still found myself hitting 199 again......I guess my fear of busting the 200 mark put a little fear in me and I have managed to bring it back down to 198 over the past few weeks.  My metabolism at 65+ is not enough to keep my weight where I want it without consistent, vigorous exercise.  When we were in Lone Rock, UT we consistently walked 3-4 miles virtually every day.  The same when we were in the Cottonwood/Sedona area.....we did a lot of hiking, and I was able to ride my mountain bike down to the Verde River on a consistent basis, but when we got up to Goosenecks where the temperatures were much cooler, and it was often windy my consistency went out the window.  When I am in a familiar place like Riverside, CA, or up here at South Lake Tahoe where I know the trails I get out to ride more often and my weight gradually comes back down.

Of course, then there is my problem of being seduced by all the amazing brews out there I have yet to sample, which serves to confound my efforts to maintain my weight, or lose it......after my bike ride I showered and then TLE and I headed towards Stateline to do a little junking, and make a stop at Dart Beverage, just over the border into Nevada, to stock up on some alkihall.....Boulder Brewing produces a beer I love, but cannot find anywhere else except at Dart is called Shake Chocolate Porter.  They have one of the most extensive craft beer selections I have seen anywhere in our travels, as well as a gigantic selection of 22 ounce offerings.

TLE and I have been visiting Dart Beverage since the early 1970's just after we were married, and it is still here 40+ years later.......

We both found a few things we could not live without.....another authentic ChannelLock wrench, some authentic ViceGrips, and another Hawaiian shirt for me, and a sun hat and blouse for TLE......I also found a 'bridge' at Tahoe Treasures for our pool table in the lounge at TVC....

We stopped in for a late lunch at Jalisco's Mexican Grill.....3 street tacos each for TLE and I, a brew for me, and an ice tea for TLE....$16....nice to see they have been maintaining their 4.5 star rating on yelp, and low prices.....129 reviews to date.

We spent the afternoon reading whilst being treated to short bursts of rain off and on the rest of the afternoon, and then the deluge hit around 6 pm....lasted about 30 minutes and then things began to dry out once again.

Back to work on Real Saturday, or is that Monday?......thanks for stopping by!

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