Friday, June 5, 2015

TVC - Day 26 - Weather schizophrenia......

Thursday started out sunny, and warmish so we decided to utilize our outdoor kitchen for the first time this summer to cook job was to cook the bacon and TLE handled everything else.....that Coleman stove you see in the foreground was acquired by us from a thrift shop in Sioux Falls, SD about 13 months ago for $ works great!  The toaster was acquired at Goodwill in Carson City for $4....brand new and works great....TLE (background) was acquired in 1971 and is still working great to this day.......:-)

We ate breakfast whilst being serenaded by tunes from Classic Vinyl (channel 26 on XM) and enjoyed the sunshine for about an hour........

.....then it began to cloud up just as the weather guessers had guessed......

.....according to the forecast it was supposed to begin raining around 1 pm, so I decided to squeeze in a ride up to Inspiration Point at Emerald Bay.......I left about 11:15 and began to feel a few sprinkles before I had even exited the campground......nevertheless I continued on hoping it was a false I worked my way north on HWY 89 the sprinkles stopped, but the road was quite wet, so, obviously, it had already been raining.  As I continued north to Emeral Bay the road dried out, and so did the bike path......I reached the overlook in 45 minutes and 15 seconds.....a new personal best for the summer of 2015.

On my return down HWY 89 it continued to stay dry, but just as I hit the 'Y' (intersection of 50 and 89) it began to sprinkle in earnest, and by the time I entered the campground it was raining.....I managed to get my bike back in the trailer before the sky fell......but just barely.... 1:30 do I know?  Look at the clock in the was pouring 'cats and dogs'.

We spent the remainder of the day reading, and listening to tunes on Classic Vinyl and rain on the roof......there were a few catnaps for me thrown in for good measure......since we had a late breakfast we didn't have lunch, and TLE began preparing the perfect rainy day meal around 4:30......chicken an dumpling soup......I'm going to tell you a secret......all the hours she has put in watching shows on the cooking channel have taken her culinary skills to a new level......I am not a big chicken and dumplings fan, but this was amazing.......kudos to TLE!  Along with the entree she poured me a glass of Savignon Blanc (Trader Joe's brand) which was the perfect accompaniment to the entree.

We watched the first game of the NBA finals pitting the  Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors......the game was tied 98-98 at the end of regulation, but the Warriors went on a 14-0 run in the 5 minute overtime to win by, of course, 14.  We concluded the evening watching another episode of 'Bones' and then read until about 11 pm before I hit the sack.....I'm not sure when TLE came to bed as I was well on my way to dreamland by that time.

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  1. As I read this i am traveling up the Baja and listening to - you guessed it, Classic Vinyl!!


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