Saturday, June 13, 2015

TVC - Day 34 - Seventy-one

Virtually every year Elaine and I have come to Lake Tahoe we have driven around the lake at least once and what better day to do it this year than on 5th Saturday.  This is Tom and Darlene's first time camping at Lake Tahoe and they have never been around the lake so they volunteered to take us in their car.

We left TVC around 11:15 for our drive up to Squaw Valley, the home of the 1960 Winter Olympics, and arrived in Tahoe City just after trip around the lake would be complete without a stop for lunch at the famous Bridgetender Restaurant on the shores of the Truckee River.

We managed to snag a table became available just as we arrived.....serendipity!  The only item I have ever ordered here is the Bleu Cheese and Bacon Burger and that is what I ordered once again.....I added a side of their delicious waffle fries and an ice one will ever accuse of not knowing what I want.

We continued on to Squaw Valley along the Truckee River......this is the first year I have come to Lake Tahoe that the Truckee River has not been first trip here was in 1953.......further evidence of the severe drought in California.  With no flowing water there are no rafting companies putting rafts in the water for the 4 mile float down to the River Ranch......very eerie.

We arrived at the base of the tram in Squaw Valley about 2 pm.....our plan was to ride the tram up to 'High Camp' and enjoy the view, but got sticker shock when we found the price person had increased significantly since we last took the trip about 8 years ago......$39 per person!  I remember when a lift ticket to ski all day cost $ for just a round trip on the tram it is almost $40.  I think it only cost $21 the last time we were here.

 This attraction was free....

Since riding the tram was out of the question we continued on around the lake eventually stopping to do a little wading at Lakeview Downs in South Lake Tahoe.......the water is so shallow due to the shrinking lake that you can literally walk out 200 yards and only get up to your knees.......

 The ladies (deep background) went way, way out.....

 TLE and Darlene about 200 yards out and only up to their knees

 More dramatic evidence of how much the lake is down

We were back home by 4:15 having covered the entire 71 mile circumference of Lake Tahoe.....once again we convened over at site 171 for another communal potluck was a great two days off back to the daily 'grind' on Real Saturday.

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