Monday, June 22, 2015

TVC - Day 43 - Father's Day

Our departure list for Sunday had 121 names on it....the most by far this summer, and, of course, the 'Who's in the Park' list was 5 pages long making for a long seemed I had barely finished my first round when it was time to begin the second round.  There were a number of people in the park whose children were participating in a youth soccer tournament, so we had a lot of 'late checkout' requests which we were able to grant as Sunday is not a major arrival day.  I helped Harry replace a 30 amp breaker switch in section G, backed a 5th wheel into site 218 for an elderly gentleman, and answered a lot of questions about South Lake Tahoe, and TVC.  The day passed by quickly as most of our working days here at TVC do....the weather was perfect.....sunny, clear and seems to be hot everywhere else in California right now......we are in just the right place!

Sunday, of course, was Father's Day and I received well wishes from my three daughters early in the oldest daughter, Meredith, posted a picture of us at a father/daughter dance which must be from sometime in the late 80's......

"Me and my Dad. We share a bday and are too much alike for our own good. Happy Father's Day" 

....and, ironically, my youngest daughter, Sharon, posted a picture of she and I dancing the father/daughter dance at her wedding this past January 17th.....

"Happy daddy's day

"Happy Fathers Day, dad!!!! I love you so much" 

And, of course, from my middle daughter, Kate, who was the first of the day to send me her message.  I received a call from my youngest son, Tim, and we talked for a few minutes.....our phone conversations always end the same....."I love you Dad!"....."I love you too, Tim".  And then this picture came from my grand daughter, Cynthia, of her dad, my oldest son, holding her son, D.C. on an outing to the beach......

Chris (the oldest) and D.C.....our first great grand child

It was a good day to be a Dad, and I am blessed to have this ever expanding family of daughters and sons-in-laws.  Best wishes to all the dads out there.....I pray your Father's Day was just as special as mine.

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