Tuesday, June 9, 2015

TVC - Day 30 - I know the guy who has everything.....

We all have someone in our lives for whom it is difficult to buy a present because 'they have everything', right?  Now, obviously, no one can literally have everything,and I intellectually understand that concept, however, Harry seems to be one of 'those' guys.......he has a small cargo trailer (single axle) what he keeps in his camp site next to ours.......I've seen inside the trailer, and it is packed full with a lot of cool stuff......and each day we take on a new task he pulls out more cool stuff.  Yesterday we needed to patch a few pot holes and a larger 'hole' left over from a street repair a few years ago (see below).  We needed a heat source to heat up the asphalt patch stuff and what do you know.......Harry pulls a flame thrower out of his trailer......

 Harry is a 'flip-flop' kind of guy, as you can see
This particular repair has been filled with gravel for several years now, but now it is properly patched!

.....I suddenly realize that Harry does, seemingly, have everything!  

After I completed my morning rounds I joined Harry in the aforementioned pothole patching endeavor for about 2 hours....ultimately we ran out of patching material, but there is more coming.  

After finishing my afternoon rounds I clocked out and joined my friend Richard (here with the Newell group) for a bike ride up to Inspiration Point at Emerald Bay......I had not realized how warm it was until I began the climb up the switchbacks and thought my head was going to explode!  We had a blast on the return trip hitting 35.7 mph at one point.  Richard is already talking about riding the 71 mile circumference of the lake before he leaves in three weeks.....I had a feeling that was coming, but I was kind of thinking I would like to do that myself.....now I have a riding partner!

TLE and I finished up the day sharing another potluck dinner with the Newell gang, then headed home for the evening to watch the U.S. Women play Australia in their first World Cup match....the U.S. won 3-1.....now on to the second round!

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  1. Clarke, which park are u in this Summer? When we leave Yosemite, we were thinking about coming your way. All "firsts" for this Alabama newly retired couple!


  2. We are at Tahoe Valley Campground in South Lake Tahoe. Would love to meet you.


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