Thursday, June 4, 2015

TVC - Day 25 - The staff & physical plant of TVC - Part I

Today's blog installment will be dedicated partially to putting 'faces' to the folks I refer to on occasion on these pages.....first up is our boss (to the left of TLE in the picture below) Duane Jakob.....he's a very good guy with a few decades of resort management experience under his belt....and, of course, TLE (The Lovely Elaine) to his stage left......

 Duane (our boss) and TLE

Every resort needs someone who is willing to do the dirty toilets, sinks and our case that means 6 restrooms......Kaye (left) and Dee (right)......they do their work with a smile!

 Kaye and Dee - housekeeping

We have at least 7 guys in maintenance who keep the campground operating and looking good....Merlin (left) is retired law enforcement, and jack of all trades, and Michael.

Merlin and Michael - 2 of our maintenance guys

We all spend a lot of time down at the maintenance yard....all things considered, it is pretty well organized, but I think it is time to do a thorough inventory and begin getting rid of a few obsolete items......

 The maintenance yard shed

This golf cart, used by maintenance, was running just a couple of months ago, but it's electric motor has given up the ghost and it doesn't make any sense to fix it, so now it is a source for parts for the other three operational maintenance/housekeeping carts.

 One of the dead carts....and this one is DEAD...burned out motor

Then there is the shed where all the plumbing (left side) and electrical (right) inventory is's an old.....very old...semi truck trailer........

 The plumbing & electrical shed....where Harry and I spend a lot of time looking for things for our projects

Here is the second office cart that has not run since last summer, but is now back in operation thanks to 6 new 8 volt batteries we received a couple of days ago......

 The 2nd office cart before the new back in service!

I've written briefly about our park model cabins....we now have seven....below are the original three which sleep 4 each.....they each have a queen size bed, plus a bunk bed, an efficiency kitchen and full bathroom with the foreground you can see the almost completed rail fence Harry and I have been building this past week....just two more rails to go!  These park models are located in section 'E'.....our section.

 The 3 original park models....sleep four each....note the new fence Harry and I are building is two rails from completion now

Then there are the four new park model cabins located in section 'G' right near the entrance to the park.....three of them sleep 6, while the fourth sleeps four as it is a wheelchair accessible cabin......all four have a full kitchen, full bath, including TV's in the living room, and bedroom......there is a sofabed, bunk bed, and queen size bed in each with the exception of the wheelchair accessible cabin, which does not have a sofa bed.

The 4 new park models....3 of them sleep 6, while the fourth is a wheelchair accessible cabin that sleeps 4

On Wednesday I had planned on being off by 2:30 which would have given me 6 hours and completed my 32 hours for the week, but I found out early on that Duane was having 8 of us attend a propane class to learn how to properly, and safely dispense propane.....that took us until almost another long day.

Since Wednesday was really our 'Friday' we walked over to Classic Cue once again for some of their fish tacos, and a pitcher of their 'Downtown Brown' produced by Lost Coast Brewery out Eureka, CA......a very nice way to wind down after 5 days of work.......

It was a good day, and even though the hours were longer than we expected, it hardly seems like work....spending time with good people in the great outdoors of SLT!

Thanks for stopping by!

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