Thursday, June 11, 2015

TVC - Day 32 - Splish Splash

The rain came about 1:30 am Wednesday morning.....much, much later than forecast, but it came nonetheless......and continued throughout the morning, and into the afternoon well after I had clocked out for the day.  

I found myself getting out the foul weather gear I thought I had put away for the rest of the summer, and I was grateful for every article of clothing I chose to wear on this dreary, drizzly day.  In between my two site check rounds I helped Harry with several tasks assigned to him by Duane......we re-installed a fire pit in site 109....we moved a BBQ stand further away from a propane tank by Cabin (141.....I am informed by TLE that technically the cabins that sleep 6, which cabin 141 is, are to be referred to as 'cottages').....the BBQ's here at TVC look like the one in the picture below.....they are set in concrete that goes into the ground just over 2 move it we simply attached a chain to it and lifted it out of the ground using the front loader and dropped it into a new hole we dug using posthole diggers.....of course, all of the aforementioned was accomplished whilst it was raining.....

......using the front loader we created a drainage ditch to siphon off a small lake that had formed near the entrance to the campground.....we'll have more work later to clean up the mess once things have dried out.....we replaced light bulbs with flood lamps where appropriate.......responded to a complaint in 'cottage' 141 that the shower tub stopper was not 'stopping'....the problem?....just had to tighten it two turns and it worked.....responded to site 110 to check out a complaint that the cable TV channels were all 'fuzzy'.....the customer stated emphatically in the office that it could not be his motorhome as it had been working perfectly for the past 3 weeks.....we plugged the little Sony test TV we have for checking the cable signal at the box, and every channel worked perfectly....then we checked his cable....again, the same results.....hmmmmm...needless to say he was a little sheepish after that.

Near the end of the day I asked Harry to give me some lessons in operating the Case front loader (also has a backhoe attached) and we spent about 20 minutes going through the basics....driving it and operating the front loader is pretty basic, and with a little more practice I think I can do that competently.  The backhoe operation, however, will be another matter....that is a little more complicated.....looking forward to my next lesson!

I checked the weather forecast for the next 10 days and it is the same as for the next 5 days......sunny, cloudless days as far as the eyes can 'see'......

5 days....10's all the same....sunny

I clocked out just after 2:30 having logged 69 hours over the past two weeks......5 more than I need for my half of our site.....TLE logged 69 hours and 45 minutes to cover the other half of our site......she always has to out do me just by a little.....:-)

We watched a couple of women's soccer matches we had recorded......Mexico tied Columbia 1-1 (the referee team from Camaroon was awful), and Brazil defeated South Korea 2-0.  The NHL Chicago Blackhawks edged the Tampa Bay Lighting 2-1 to even that finals series at 2 games a piece.  And, finally, Meagan edged out 'T' in Hells Kitchen....TLE thought Meagan would win.....I thought 'T' would......wrong once again.

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  1. Just make sure you're not close to a block wall when you start practicing with the backhoe. Don't know how I know...


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