Friday, June 19, 2015

TVC - Day 40 - Being 'Open'

I was up by 7 am on my day off thinking there would be World Cup matches to view later in the day......I turned on the TV to get an idea of when they would be on and discovered there are no matches until Saturday, but what was on was the U.S. Open golf tournament......and it was already being broadcast.....

Phil Mickelson (-1) had a much better day than Tiger (+10)

......TLE was already on her way to do a couple of loads of laundry and then go shopping so I got out the outdoor TV, poured a cup of coffee and retrieved the leftover Lake Tahoe Pizza pizza and sat down to watch......I had all four TV's on from 9 am until well after 7 pm when the last threesome of the day finished the 18th hole.  Phil Mickelson finished his round at one under par, while Tiger Woods carded his worst ever U.S. Open round at 10 over par......his swing is so screwed up he has no idea where the ball is going when he hits it.....much like myself.

In between 9 am and 7 pm I dumped and flushed the black tank, hooked up the long compressor hose to use air to 'spray' off the massive amounts of pollen falling from the is a picture of my friend's car to illustrate how bad it is right now.....

......this is what every surface looks like in TVC right now......of course, using the air compressor is only a very short term solution as within 15 minutes it is back.....I'm not sure how people with allergies are not having massive anaphylactic shock right now......

The rest of my day pretty much consisted of sitting in my anti gravity recliner reading, napping, and watching the U.S. Open.....the temperature got up to almost 80.....maybe 79, but by 4 pm I had to put a jacket on to stay warm.

Around 7 Tom, Darlene, Richard and Rhonda arrived for dinner.....I grilled hamburgers provided by Darlene, and Richard brought baked beans.....while we ate Tom and Richard regaled us with one funny story after another which resulted in a lot of laughter......

Friday we are set to climb Mt. Tallac (9,735') with Richard and Rhonda....we will gain almost 3,500' in elevation 6 miles........pray for us.....:-)

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