Sunday, June 21, 2015

TVC - Day 42 - Vintage!

Real Saturday was real busy.....the campground saw its highest capacity day this season with close to 300 sites occupied...there were several RV groups in the park including one dedicated to vintage travel trailers of all kinds an makes.......

.....all of them fully restored and functional in every way.  It took me a full two hours to complete my morning round of site checks.  Saturday morning pancake breakfast (every Saturday and Sunday during the summer months at Tahoe Valley Campground) took in almost $ of our best days ever.  The Friday night movie (The Great Outdoors) was standing room only, and the Saturday night movie (RV) was SRO as well.

I was off work by 2:45 and sitting in front of the outdoor TV watching the U.S. Open, then after TLE arrived home we watched the Camaroon vs. China World Cup match, which China won 1-0 on a goal scored off a corner kick that should never have been awarded......the ball clearly went off the leg of the Chinese player, and the assistant referee had the perfect angle to see that, but did not over rule the center referee.....sometimes the most innocuous mistakes can change the course of a me that has really been the unreported story of this World Cup....poor officiating.

We enjoyed another potluck dinner hosted by the Entrekins at their coach, and then retired home for the evening........The McClouds will be departing Monday for home, so we will be down to just two Newell Gurus families here at TVC.  Richard and I have decided that this coming Thursday we will embark on a bicycle ride around Lake Tahoe......71 miles in one day....another item to check off the old bucket list!

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