Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TVC - Day 45 - Oooops

Tuesday was a little quieter in the park, but we still have over 160 sites  occupied on a day to day basis.....the new arrivals roughly equaled the number of folks departing.  Nonetheless, as the park fills up my ranger duties increase.  When there were only 40, or 50 sites occupied it wasn't a big deal if people in one site parked their vehicles in an adjacent site.....we let it slide.....but now that the park is filling up that can no longer be tolerated.  Needless to say each time I must disembark the golf cart to ask someone to remove their vehicle from a site for which they are not paying I, on occasion, get a small amount of grief in return.  Most people understand and quickly co-operate by moving their vehicle, but there are always 2, or 3 who don't understand why they can't park in an unused site.  I try to reason with them by suggesting that since there are so many vacant sites why shouldn't they also bring in more RV's and park them in those sites at no charge?  What we do is rent space here at TVC.....we allow one RV, or two tents per site, one vehicle per site, and a maximum of 6 people per site.  In some rare cases if the site is big enough and they can get a second vehicle in the site without encroaching upon another site we allow it.  However, some folks.....just a few to be sure....think their site fee entitles them to use as much space as they wish.....they see extra space next to their site, or across the street from their site and think it is theirs for the taking.  One gentleman chose to devote space in his sit normally used to park a vehicle next to the RV to set up a large outdoor kennel for his four large dogs......that's fine, but that is his choice.  Every day for the past three days I have come by their site to find they are parking not one, but two vehicles in the site next to them.  When I asked him to move his vehicles out the site for which he has paid no money he said "I don't have any place to park my vehicles" like it was our fault. When I pointed out that he and his wife had chosen to devote a large portion of their site to a dog kennel, instead for for its intended purpose he became unhappy.  Unfortunately he had chosen to move from a rather spacious site two days before because he was convinced there was something wrong with the power pedestal in that site.  We tested everything and tried to explain that it was his 5th wheel that had the problem.  Nevertheless, he insisted on moving to the present less spacious site where his electrical problems continued.  In the old site he had room for everything.  As it turned out he had a faulty electrical cord that was causing the problem, but now he can't move back because his old site has been rented out......and so it goes.  I go into this expansive detail just to give you a small glimpse as some of the issues I deal with each day.

The temperatures are rising here in SLT...the highs will be soaring as the week progresses eventually topping out at 90 degrees, but so far we have not had to turn on the AC in the coach....fortunately our site provides a lot of shade in the afternoon.....if we were in direct sunlight in the afternoon it would be a different matter.

A new assignment I have been working on for the past week is to measure the length and width of each RV site here in the campground, as well as check off the amenities offered at each site such there a grill....what electrical outlets are available (20, 30, 50?) there a fireplace, etc.  The most important part, though, is the measurement of the sites.  In our computer system the length of each site is specified, but we have come to believe that not all of the length measurements are not accurate, and we have no width measurements whatsoever.  I know from my years as a soccer referee that my stride is slightly less than one yard.  How do I know?  Well as a soccer referee I was responsible for stepping off ten yards for free kicks, which happened between 5, and 10 times per match.  My normal stride is slightly less than a yard, so I had to take ten slightly exaggerated steps to equal the required ten yard distance between the kicker and the defenders.  All that being said, at the end of my Tuesday shift after having measured some 60 sites using this method I discovered something quite taking those exaggerated steps over an over again I had accidentally hyperextended my left knee over and over again.  The cumulative effect is by 5 pm when we began our walk over to Classic Cue for dinner with Richard and Rhonda I was walking with a pronounced limp, and by the time we made the return walk I was in a lot of pain.  Of course, at the time I was mystified as to why my knee was hurting......I surmised  that this was residual pain from our hike to the top of Mt. Tallac last Friday, but that didn't make any sense.  Finally, about 5 am this morning it dawned on me what I had, unwittingly, done, and now I am bearing the consequences of taking literally a thousand exaggerated steps over the course of the day.

So, as I sit here this morning writing about Tuesday's events I have this steady throbbing pain in my left knee reminding me that I am getting older and need to spend more time thinking out the consequences of things I do like taking 1,000 exaggerated steps.

By the way, we had a lovely dinner at Classic Cue with Richard and Rhonda......Richard loves their fish tacos, too.  After we returned home we watched a recording of the World Cup match between Japan and Netherlands....Japan won 2-1 to advance to the round of 8.  The USA will play China on Saturday!

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  1. I can never understand why people seem to go out of their way to create problems for themselves. My wife and I are very low key key people. We never have any problems with park management when we camp. Camping is supposed to be relaxing.


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