Monday, June 15, 2015

TVC - Day 36 - Living well

Clear......high Sunday 79 degrees......low 41 degrees.......currently 43 degrees.......sun filtering through the lodge pole pines.......Sunday was just another South Lake Tahoe mid June day......

Our Newell mini rally officially came to a close on Saturday, and our first departure was Chester and Jan Sunday morning......Tom and Darlene will probably be here until this Friday, while Richard and Rhonda will be hanging around until July 2nd.....Ed and Lynda will be departing Monday morning......

TLE and I busied ourselves with another workday......I had 2 pages of departures to shoo out of the park, and there were an equal number of new arrivals expected.  Over the course of the morning we had several requests for late checkouts, which happens mostly on Sundays.  One couple was unable to leave their site, because one of their slideouts would not retract....the motorhome was brand new as well as brand new to them......they were on the phone with Good Sam ERS trying to get help when I suggested to them that I contact a guy here in the park that does that sort of work....within minutes of his arrival the problem (I have no idea what it was) was solved and they were on their way.

We both clocked out at 2:30 after putting in 6 hours and headed for home....we sat outside reading until almost 6 pm then headed over to have another potluck dinner with our Newell Guru friends......Richard grilled hamburgers and we enjoyed another fine evening of  good food and fellowship.  After our meal the girls went inside Richard and Rhonda's coach to play cards, and Tom and I went into his coach to watch 'Get Smart' with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway......we laughed outloud for a couple of hours.

Starting with me....clockwise: Moi, Richard, Rhonda, TLE, Ed, Lynda, Darlene and Tom

We were home by 10:15 and in bed by 10:30.....another day lived well....thanks for stopping by!

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