Sunday, May 31, 2015

TVC - Day 22 - Fair is faire.....

We've had so many successive fair, sunny days it is hard to remember when it was rainy and cold, and that was how Real Saturday began and ended......fair, sunny and warm.  In between TLE and I logged another work day.....we've kind of modified our work schedule where we are both working 5 days, but only 6 hours per day on 4 of those days, and one 8 hour day to get in our required 32 hours and, thereby, get our site for free.  We take a 30 minute lunch so that gets us off duty 4 days at 2:30 instead of 4:30 giving us about 5 hours of daylight to do other things.

We opened the campground office at 8 am, and while TLE counted money, and turned on the reservation computers I went out to do my first round of site checks.  Back on May 12th when I did my first rounds there was just one page showing who was in the park, now at May 30th there are two full pages, so the park is beginning to fill up slowly but surely......of course there is nothing like good weather to bring out the campers.

After my first round of site checks I hooked up with Harry to work on some of our electric golf carts, and their chargers.  When we arrived a few weeks ago we were down to a couple of working chargers out in the maintenance yard, and only a couple of working maintenance carts, and one office cart.  Several of the carts need new batteries and it appears that 'corporate' has approved the purchase of some new batteries.  In the mean time while we await the delivery of the batteries we worked on fixing the chargers which mainly meant we replaced the contacts in the male end of the plug coming from the various chargers.  Since many of our carts are a couple of decades  old the parts are becoming more difficult to come by to fix them.  Harry has lived in SLT for about 20 years and knows a lot of people, including Lou over at the local golf course whose job it is to maintain their golf carts....Lou still has some new/old stock parts for our carts, so Harry and I drove over to see if he had some of the parts we needed to recondition some of our chargers, and he did.....he was happy to donate what he had to our cause as he had no use for them anymore.

By noon Harry and I were able to fix 3 chargers, and get an additional maintenance golf cart back in service by cleaning up the battery connections and recharging the dead batteries using one of the reconditioned chargers.....once the batteries come in we'll be able to get a couple more carts back in service.  We now have enough chargers operational to get all the carts recharged every night.

After lunch I took care of the afternoon site checks and was off duty by 2:45......TLE was already home by the time I arrived as she had left work on time at 2:30.....I decided it would be a 'crime' not to take a bike ride on such a lovely day, so I quickly donned my riding clothes and headed off for Emerald Bay.  I don't know how long the ride took me as somehow during the ride I inadvertently turned off my Garmin cyclo computer about a mile from the top of the climb.  Nevertheless, I had a great time riding.

On my way by Camp Richardson I discovered the annual SLT version of the 'Valhalla Renaissance Faire' was in progress, and was responsible for the heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic I had to wind my way through going and coming.

By the time I returned to our camp site it was closing in on 4:30 and it was time to turn on the Chicago Blackhawks vs. Anaheim Ducks hockey game.....this was game 7 and would determine which team meets the Tampa Bay Lightning in the finals next week.....regretfully the Blackhawks were a better team than the Ducks this day winning 5-2 in regulation time.

We both spent the evening reading and were in bed by 10......thanks for stopping by!

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