Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TVC - Day 11 - Paving

I've written before about the effect of deferred maintenance here at TVC, but as I have also mentioned, the owners are making great strides in catching up.......on Monday a local paving contractor arrived to begin repairing and repaving the outer loops in sections 'E' and 'A'....both of these interior roads were in dire need of repair, and it good to see it being done.  Of course, along with the work being done comes the attendant construction noise, and dust.....there is never a good time to do this stuff because someone will always be inconvenienced, but the trick is to do it when it affects the least number of people and that is now.

When we arrived at TVC 11 days ago TLE and I both offered to work 5 days per week until the rest of the staff arrived, and Tuesday was our 5th day of work since the end of the last pay period.....the work days are beginning to pass by more quickly as we settle into a routine, and our duties become more defined.  After making my morning rounds I proceeded to take a handful of the work orders I had generated for the prior few days and work on knocking them out.  Since I was putting on my 'maintenance hat' I needed to round up a few tools and related materials to make the repairs.  Most of the guys in maintenance use their own tools, so I drove the cart over to our trailer to pickup a few of my tools, then back to the maintenance yard where I rummaged through the various sheds looking for the necessary screws, washers, clips, sewer caps, etc. that I would need to make the repairs I had ordered....'how ironic he thought to himself'.

By 12:30 I had processed no less than 25 of the work orders generated by me......TLE and I took our one hour lunch break, and after I had finished the second round of site checks I finished up another dozen work orders then set about inspecting the outer loop of section 'E' and generating more work the way, here is a picture of the cool form TLE generated in Excel for me to use....

Once again we never got the forecast rain showers (forecast showed 100% chance of rain), although it sprinkled for about 5 minutes around 4 pm just as I was wrapping up the section 'E' out loop inspection.

I will be off Wednesday and Thursday so some bike riding and exploring is in order........TLE is working Wednesday as they are short handed in the office.  Come Friday we will all be on deck for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

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